Sunday, December 8, 2013

Poster: Fairy Tale Composers, Creators & Collectors

Fairy tale - composers and creators by secondlina
Here's something neat you don't see too often: a poster with a collection of influential fairy tale people in history! It's not a complete collection by any means and I would have added more but I love that quite a few often-overlooked but very important people are shown here.

If this has your research-antennae vibrating and you'd like more in this vein, I started a Pinterest board of Influential Fairy Tale People HERE. It's a long way from complete (there's only about 75 people there at present) and I'm actually not sure it ever could be complete!) but it's a good collection of faces behind the names of people we are all very grateful to for there passion and work in a field we love so much.

This is by Isabelle M. (aka secondlina on deviantArt) who has a number of fairy tale illustrations in her gallery.

She also has posters of the ":Fairy tale composers and creators" available for purchase ($10 for an 8.5 x 11) HERE as well. (Check the rest of the products on this page as well - there's a lot to appeal to fairy tale folk here - especially Wizard of Oz fans.)

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