Thursday, December 5, 2013

Julia Griffin's "The Snow Queen" Heading To Print (Kickstarter)

Do you remember this lovely art post with Julia Griffin's amazing illustrations of The Snow Queen HERE?

I've seen a hugely positive response everywhere the illustrations were posted but didn't realize she was having trouble getting it into a book! Ms. Griffin initiated a Kickstarter to help make the book a reality and there is only just over ONE DAY TO GO to be able to contribute to this (happily funded) project.

Here's her Kickstarter video, explaining what her (initial) plans were:
As the initial goal has been reached, Ms. Griffin is now making sure every backer will have the offer of a free PDF download as well as an audiobook version of the story, also to be available as a download and for "big backers" the thank you/reward is now the original artwork (that would be SO DIFFICULT to part with!).

The book will now also be printed at a slightly larger size and closer to the original artwork size as well (which equals excellent details!)

The neat thing about Kickstarters is that, not only do you get to fund projects you know are worth your investment at a ground roots level but the artists (of all kinds) go to great lengths to provide some truly lovely keepsakes and gifts for those who donate their hard earned dollars to help them. From "on record" thank you's to art cards, to a signed book to original artwork - depending on your contribution level, you will get something for your trouble as a special thank you.

I wish Ms. Griffin every success with her book!

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