Sunday, December 1, 2013

Magic At Home & The Return Of Your Regularly Scheduled Fairy Tale Programs (And Daily News)

Once Upon A Time  Fan Art by Carllton
I've had the most lovely and unexpected week! Not only did I have my "Wonder Kinder" home with me all week but my best friend - who I hadn't seen in nearly a decade - flew in from Australia  at the last minute to spend Thanksgiving and a few days with us!! Sometimes the best magic is very close to home.

I'm thankful for my family and a very special friend, for whom much time passing between visits means only strengthening our friendship. (I know there's a tale like that somewhere but I'm too tired to hunt it down right this second.)

Now that we are all returning to our regularly scheduled juggling, not only are the fairy tale series shows back on again (yay!) but I should be able to get back to daily fairy tale news reporting (barring any monsoons of madness).

See you tomorrow!
(NBC) Grimm Cookies - Design for Shirt Woot design contest by InfinityWave

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