Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Northlore Series Open Call for Submissions!

We just recently posted a review by OUABlog reviewer, Leena Naidoo, HERE, for the first volume in this series, "Folklore" and now an exciting opportunity from Nordland Publishing has arisen.

Here's the announcement from the official website:

Open Call for the Northlore Series 


We are pleased to announce the second open call of the series: Myth. 
We are looking for short stories between 3-8000 words and Poetry of any length.
This collection will contain the secret history of the Norse gods.
“Over a period of 400 years, Christianity came to the Scandinavians, sometimes at the point of a sword.  
Slowly it spread, until only small pockets of the old religion persisted. 
The gods of the North understood their time had come. They withdrew from the world, disappearing into the realm of myth. 
But they did not die. This is their story.” 
Three books, three themes, one vision: Northlore.
Before you submit your work, please be sure to follow the publication guidelines.

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