Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Grimm Scavenger Hunt Coming to LA in 2016!

I was sent this yesterday and am so thrilled by this idea that I'm going to take a serious look at my schedule to see if I can participate!

Here's the press release, care of Siren Day Camps (one of the many fascinating branches of Siren School aka L'Ecole Siréne):

Grimm Scavenger Hunt

Step back in time to a charming Bavarian village where hot apple strudel is served with cold beer, farmers sell their fresh produce, and at any moment, someone may break out into a polka. It's the sort of place you'd expect to see in a fairy tale, especially of the Grimm variety, and it's the perfect setting for our fractured and fabled scavenger hunt.

Saturday, April 9, 2016
10am - 2:30pm
Huntington Beach, CA

10am - We'll meet and greet at the Coffee Tale, known to have the best coffee in the Black Forest (or at least Huntington Beach). While waiting for everyone to find their way in, we'll talk a bit about the Brothers Grimm and the world in which their tales evolved.

10:45ish - Grimm Scavenger Hunt: Enjoy browsing at the Old World Farmer's Market while you search for bread crumbs, so to speak

12noon - We'll take a mitaggessen break at the German Restaurant, featuring German Pretzels, Potato Pancakes, Brats & Wursts, Sauerkraut, German Potato Salad, Spaetzle, Bread Dumplings, Schnitzels, and more. Those who tip enough German beer may be cajoled into doing the chicken dance.

1pm - Grimmer Scavenger Hunt: Use your wits and wiles, as you scour the village to collect the remaining bits of information needed to complete your hunt 

2pm - We'll gather at the Old World German Bakery to determine our Scavenger Hunt winner and celebrate over Apple Strudel, German Chocolate Cake, Sachertortes, and Black Forest Cake. Our winner will be awarded with a rustic prize of dubious worth.

$35 per person for scavenger hunt; food is no-host i.e. not included

(Costumes wilkommen, by the by.)


  1. Oh man that looks amazing! I am going to be in LA at some point next summer, but April is too early, alas! I am still in the middle of school then. I hope you get to go and that it is a blast!

  2. I also wish I could go...this is unfortunately at the height of spring concert and performance season for my groups (and also my dad's birthday!).

  3. Oooh, I hope you can go, Gypsy! I'm a little surprised they're not doing it in Solvang, but perhaps the kitschy faux danish charm would be a bit overkill.