Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back To School With Knights & Trolls

“Lena och riddaren dansa” / “ Lena dances with the knight ” Signed John Bauer and dated 1915.
Watercolour, heightening white, indian ink and pencil on paper.
It's been a little busy in our barracks! Back to school (first day yesterday) has turned out to be a busy, busy time here (!) so I apologize for missing a couple of days of news but we're working on rescheduling things so I can have dedicated fairy tale news time every day again. For the moment, enjoy some lovely artwork by one of my favorite artists: John Bauer. (Click to view at the wonderfully large size!)

The above illustration was created for W.E. Björk’s fairy tale 'Guldnycklama' In "Blan tomtar och troll" ("Among gnomes and trolls"), in 1915.

Oh yes - and it turns out my little guy does go to school with some interesting creatures!

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