Thursday, February 6, 2014

Update On "Song of the Sea" (Selkies!)

The caption says "in development" but it's actually in production - they're on the downhill run now!
Those of you in 'the know' regarding animated films, know they take years (and years and sometimes years and years and years) to make, and Song of the Sea, by the creators of the wonderful Secret of Kells people (Cartoon Saloon), is slowly but steadily making progress. After a ton of work, much is which is done by hand at the very small company (compared to the big animation studios), they're finally getting to the stage where they can release images here and there, as well as a teeny bit of teaser footage too. *cheers!*

In case you missed it, and before you go any further, here's the conceptual trailer which has been out for about almost 4 years now. Most of what you need to know about the film (and the fairy tale relevancy) is right there:

Song Of The Sea - Conceptual Trailer from Cartoon Saloon on Vimeo.
Now take a look at their new showreel, just released. It has new footage from Song of the Sea! (Each section is titled, so no need to guess which one is the selkie pic):
I'm really hoping the timing for the release of this film is good so it gets decent exposure. Kells was just stunning yet hardly anyone saw this lovely Irish film until, by a miracle, it was nommed for an Oscar and distribution was finally picked up by Buena Vista. While that was great, it would have  done better if the public had been enthusiastic about it earlier and it had gotten a larger fan base in the lead up to the nominations. Song of the Sea promises to be just as beautiful and it would be great if they didn't have to struggle as much for support this time around.

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Here's some more concept art (some old and some more recent) from all over the web - just beautiful! (Note: A few of these I have posted before but it was so long ago - years!- and I know I have a new set of regular readers now, so I'm posting it again to catch you all up/refresh your memories):

Deleted scene concept (for the best but it's sad because it's so beautiful!)
Plus, ya know, fairy tale film? Selkies? We want it to be successful!

Here's a very recent pic from the studio (last week, I think), in which they're working on one of the scenes:

To keep up to date on Cartoon Saloon's progress you can check in with the official blog HERE or follow on Twitter HERE or on their Facebook page HERE.


  1. My goodness, this looks fantastic! So happy the BoK people are doing more mythy stuff - their work is so beautiful. Yay!

  2. Oh how wonderful...I LOVE Secret of Kells and cannot wait for this masterpiece!