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#Folktaleweek Picks of Day 7: "Crown" (Last day for 2019)

IG @sofiamoore_studio - one of the CO-founders of #FolktaleWeek
It's the final day for #FolktaleWeek2019!

At this writing there are 33,039 posts under the hashtag #folktaleweek on Instagram and 13,687 under #folktaleweek2019 (which, although it mostly overlaps with the main hashtag, still has a large selection of artists who are only using that one.)

IG @kath_waxman created a number of crowns
throughout #FolktaleWeek
All the #FolktaleWeek and #FolktaleWeek2019 info is HEREThe link shows the posts collected by hashtag and you can see an enormous sampling of the myriad mediums and styles being created in. (Prepare for lots of scrolling! There are hundreds of wonderful things to see!) 

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Note: Expectations for the final prompt were, admittedly lots of princesses and princes, frogs in crowns and swans and ravens in crowns, so we were thrilled by some of the unexpected perspectives on familiar tales and more obscure tale offerings! There was, however, an unusually large amount of fish in crowns and versions of the Grass Snake King and Eglė the Queen of Serpents - a Lithuanian fairy tale ... interesting!)

The last prompt is CROWN.
IG @taranealarts
Artist comment: The prompt for Day 7 of #folktaleweek is #crown and for this we look to the lore and history of the lovely town of #burystedmunds named after King Edmund, patron saint of England. There are no remaining written accounts of Edmund, but many versions of his story were passed down. In one, King Edmund is attacked by Vikings and tortured as they insist he renounce his Christian faith, which he does not, and he endures unspeakable violence. He prays to his god, who has mercy on him and sends arrows down to put him out of his misery. The Vikings behead him and his followers retrieve the head with the help of a large wolf. Generations later, King Cnut builds a shrine to honor the remains of Edmund, and folklore has it that he offered his crown to the enshrined relics as a gesture for all the unjust things that had befallen the martyr. This site became the foundation for the large Abbey of Burt St Edmunds, and a place pilgrimage. There’s much more, but now I need to go rewatch the Viking series because I feel like I missed this part, and I remember Ubba and Ivan Boneless (Edmunds attackers) as main characters.
IG @dilara.arin
Artist comment: Day 7 of Folktale Week - "Crown" - Shahmaran is my favourite tale from Turkish folklore. This image of Shahmaran (Half snake, half woman) is very famous in Turkey and I wanted to draw it in my own style. I'm happy it was fit for one of the prompts!
IG @willemoever_art
Artist comment: Folktale Week prompt 7: Crown - It was the fairest crown he’d ever seen, with the sheen of a thousand suns. “I’m all ears,” murmured the greedy king. “I’m sure you are,” grinned the old hag.
IG @annilim
Artist comment: * F O L K T A L E W E E K * Day 7 - Crown! 💛
IG @maja_illustration
Artist comment: Day 7 #folktaleweek2019 -Prompt: Crown - Mida's touch is the story of a king who had a wish to turn everything he touches into gold... Making gold will be too much for him when he wont be able to eat and eventually when his daughter runs into his arms. 👑
IG @agnesbertothy
Artist comment: #folktaleweek2019 Day 7: #crown ⚜️ - Saint Lucy’s Day is a Christian feast day commemorating a 3rd-century martyr. In the Northern Europe it’s also called a festival of light. Although in Hungary we have a different Lucia, who is rather doing bad things to those who are weaving, cooking or washing their clothes this day. And the person who sit on Lucia’s chair during the high mass could spot the witches in the crowd
IG @violet2519
Artist comment: Snow Queen for last day of #folktaleweek2019 #crown
IG @victoria_fomina_art
Artist comment: N/A
IG @thistlemoon
Artist comment: Last day of #folktaleweek2019 - Crown. The wren was crowned king of the birds when, in a test to see which bird could fly the highest, he hid in the plumage of an eagle #folktaleweek #kingwren
IG @bysuzik
Artist comment: The Emperor had the finest collection of Crowns...he just couldn't decide which one to wear!
IG @ayukotanaka
Artist comment: #folktaleweek2019 Day7 - the prompt ‘Crown’ - It’s the last day of #folktaleweek ! I want to thank the people who had visited my page and the artists who organized this great event👏🏼👏🏼 - My last illustration is again from ‘Sleeping Beauty’. With their love, the king and queen try to protect her daughter from the evil witch. They are ordinary parents even if they wear golden crowns 👑
 IG @charlotte_weyand (click on each pic of the triptych to see larger)
Artist comment: Wow! It is the last day of our #folktaleweek2019 - At the end of many fairy tales end with: and they lived very happily together until their lives' end. - Do you sometimes wonder how the life of our childhood heroes continues when the story ends? Snow White is the queen now. She walks through her castle past a gallery of her friends. Go with!
IG @laia.pampols
Artist comment: Day 7: Crown - Sleeping Beauty 🌹///
IG @amva.creations
Artist comment: Day 7: crown, featuring the Ugly Duckling 🦢👑
IG @samrudddesign
Artist comment: Last day of Folk tale week and this is a fairy tale, The Girl Fish collected by Andrew Lang in 1910. The girl fish has to find the crown of stars to be able to turn back into a human!
IG @lcwright13
Artist comment: Folktale Week day 7: CROWN. The final day! I was looking for a tale where a crown played a prominent role and found ‘The Girl Who Became a Fish’ originally from Andrew Lang’s The Orange Fairy Book. Briefly, a girl who has been changed into a fish has to go on a quest to retrieve the crown of the princess who is living in the sea as a mermaid and queen of the fishes. Only with her crown can she change back into human form and take up her place on land again. There is a lot more to the story than this and it’s well worth a read!
IG @la_matita_gialla
Artist comment: "How the rooster got his Crown" 👑 - By Chinese legend the Earth had six suns. The Yellow Emperor decreed that archers could shoot down five suns. The sixth sun hid and caused darkness, as the best archer in all of China was summoned and shot down the five suns, using a special trick. Animals were called to bring out the sun, but the sixth sun did not respond. Finally, the rooster called the sun out to shine and restore the day light. The rooster was rewarded a crown for his lovely song. 🌞🐓🎶
IG @daryamorozz
Artist comment: N/A
IG @kolkerpics
Artist comment: N/A
IG @curiouszhi
Artist comment: Day 7: CROWN - For the final day of #folktaleweek2019, I’m picking one of my favourite fairytales when I was a child - the Danish 🇩🇰 story “The Wild Swans” 🦢.
IG @katijatomic_artist
Artist comment: Last day of#folktaleweek2019 - CROWN - I thought it would be fun to do a flower crown. I used to make daisy crowns as a kid all the time , but for this challenge I wanted to use most unlikely flower. To make a crown out of dandelion seeds would be pretty impossible, unless you are a wee little folk who knows how to handle these most delicate of flowers that disappears as soon as human hand touches them.....
IG @timjammi
Artist comment: Folktaleweek day 7: Crown. -This piece was inspired by a Finnish folktale called Kruunupäinen käärme (which roughly means "A snake with a crown on its head"). - It's a story about a family whose yard is so filled with snakes they can hardly walk there, so they invite a man to get rid of them. Following the man's advice they light a bonfire and the man uses his flute (made out of a stillborn child's bone) to mesmerise the snakes and make them slither into the flames and die. Then suddenly a great white snake appears, wearing a crown and armor, and it pulls the man into the flames with it. Both die and there's no more snakes seen in the area.
IG @ceecliff_art
Artist comment: CROWN that is earned. The last prompt for #folktaleweek2019 — In this tale all of the birds hold competitions to determine who will be their king. The eagle thinks he’s got the job in the bag, he is so strong and mighty. But the cunning little wren outsmarts him by doing things that the large bird cannot do and wins the contests. The little wren is made the king of the birds, proving that smarts can be your super power. Who doesn’t like a story about an underdog that wins? Alas, folktale week is over, but I think Folklore Friday might be my way to keep this going.It's a quite bizarre story and I feel like there's a lot more into it that has unfortunately been lost in time.
IG @fraeuleineichhorn
Artist comment: Folktaleweek Day VII: "The Adder Crown" 👑 A maidservant is chased away from the farm by her employer because she fed milk to a snake. When she says goodbye to the cows the snake gives her its crown which brings the maid a lot of luck. The farmer on the other hand is down on his luck. // Folktaleweek Tag VII: "Das Natterkrönlein" 👑 Eine Magd wird von ihrem Herrn vom Hof gejagt, weil sie eine Schlange mit Milch versorgt hat. Als sie sich von den Kühen verabschiedet, schenkt ihr die Schlange ihr Krönchen, welches der Magd viel Glück bringt. Den Bauern allerdings verlässt das Glück.
IG @amorphophallus_titanium
Artist comment: in old appalachia, a person who passed to heaven in his sleep would leave behind an “angel #crown” in his feather pillow.... and thus ends #folktaleweek2019
IG @reniametalinou_illustration
Artist comment: N/A
IG @nichtlicht
Artist comment: N/A
IG @ul_zak
Artist comment: N/A
IG @fefercastro
Artist comment: I was inspired by a book my mother had when I was little called "The Emperor's New 'Costume'/Clothes".
IG @painterwitch
Artist comment: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. - Up Jack got and home did trot as fast as he could caper. He went to bed and wrapped his head with vinegar and brown paper. Folktale week has been fun. See you again next year. 🥂  #folktaleweek2019 #folktaleweek #crown
IG @jaimiewhitbreadart
Artist comment: Folktale Week: crown - The goldhorn is a mythical chamois whose blood creates the triglav flower, which conveniently heals all wounds. In the myth a hunter shoots the goldhorn to impress a girl but fails to kill it before it revives itself with the flowers. Then the hunter falls off a cliff. Fair! Remember lads, girls who prefer corpses to flowers aren't worth your time and if you go around killing innocent creatures you'll fall off a cliff and die 👍
IG @leonora_camuso
Artist comment: The last prompt of the #folktaleweek is: crown - In the mountains of the Germanasca Valley, 2400 m a.s.l., lies the plateau of the so-called Tredici Laghi (“thirteen lakes”). One of these is called Lago dell’Uomo (“man’s lake”) and a legend explains why. It’s said that a prince, passing by, saw a beautiful nymph on a piece of ice in the middle of the lake. The two looked at each other and fell in love. The nymph told she was a prisoner and that anyone who tried to enter the waters of the lake died instantly frozen. - The prince, after much research, found the solution and went to Tibet to get incredibly cold-resistant sheep. On the back of the animals he managed to cross the icy waters and bring his beauty to safety.
But the prince did not have time to rejoice, when he heard the desperate bleats of one of the two sheep that had remained in the water and was about to drown. Moved to pity, he went back to save the poor beast, but unfortunately the icy waters swallowed them both. It is said that at the bottom of the lake we can see a silhouette that recalls that of a man, perhaps the prince of this tale.
IG @kathwaxman
IG Artist comment: Folktale 2019, Prompt 7: Crown - Folktale: The Golden Fish
IG @khabibova_alevtina
Artist comment: 7 day/ crown - The Raven king. French folk tale - #folktaleweek2019

IG @echo.ism
Artist comment: Queen of the Snakes - #folktaleweek 7/7, Crown - Snake Crown, a recurring folktale motif in Northern and Central Europe, in which a spoiled princess is turned into a snake for insulting a witch, and her parents make her a gold crown that needs to be worn down to break her curse... Except that crown turns any receptacle it is put in into a horn of plenty (e.g. bottomless purse, endless bag of flour...), so many people try to get their hands on it... Until it gets destroyed by one of these people, by inadvertance.
IG @amanda.enright
Artist comment: The Tiger's Bride
IG @chezubo
Artist comment: Folktaleweek 07: Crown - My last piece for this year’s Folktaleweek. I went a bit off schedule, but it was a lot of fun and I learned some new tales and stories to bore others with :D Here we go, this tale is another one from Upper Austria: „Die Krönlnatter“ („The crown-adder“) - Once upon a time, there was a mighty king who had one child - a daughter. One day, the two of them went for a walk and met an old woman who caressed a little adder. „That’s disgusting!“ the princess said, that made the Woman - a witch by trade - furious. „Since you are so disgusted by it, you shall spend your days as such a poor creature!“ she touched the princess with her wand and turned her into an adder. „I‘ll send you far away, so your father can’t tend you. You’ll have to live the hard life of an adder!“ once again the princess was touched by the wand and flew over the river far away. The King wanted to take revenge, but stopped as the witch pointed her wand at him. Instead, he fell on his knees and begged for mercy. „... I’m not able to cancel the curse. But I will make her queen of the snakes. Forge a tiny crown and bring it here, I will take it to your daughter. She’ll have to wear it until water has weathered it down - then the curse is broken.“ The king did as he was told, and still today there’s an adder wearing a tiny golden crown. She bathes in a creek, sleeps in the sun and waits for her crown to crumble.
* * * * * * * * * *
And as a bonus, below is a collage of all the art created over the week by artist IG @friederickeablang. As you see, while the same style is in evidence throughout, this artist also shows how some of folks approached the week - creating a story by using the seven prompts - these created "new fairy tales" and make for lovely ensemble pieces for a portfolio. Very nicely done!
IG @friederickeablang

And that brings #Folktaleweek to an end for 2019!

Please note, though, that artists are very likely to keep posting for a few days yet. People are still posting from a few days ago and appear to intend to follow through as they can. We had enough trouble keeping up just by scrolling through the thousands of uploads and, despite having private plans to do some of the prompts, didn't get more than a couple done. I cannot imagine how challenging it must have been for folks with fulltime jobs, long commutes and families to keep up. So please keep visiting to give your support to these tenacious and creative people!

IG @shelley_laslo
Folktale Week was brought to you by artists from around the world. We appreciate your support, and hope to see you for our next challenge! Many thanks from:.
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