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#Folktaleweek Picks of Day 2: "Secret"

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What is #FolktaleWeek and #FolktaleWeek2019? You can read all about it HERE and see a sampling of the myriad mediums and styles being created in. You can also see a small selection of the MANY posts that appeared yesterday for the prompt of HOME HERE.

Today's prompt is SECRET.

Note: As far as fairy tale and folklore trends for today's prompt we expected lots of Bluebeard (and there were quite a few) but we also noticed lots of Billy Goats Gruff, Rumpelstiltskin, The Crane Wife and, again, lots of selkies.

Again, we chose for different styles, unusual scenes of known tales and most often, lesser-known tales wonderfully done.

Enjoy - artist credits, and any pertinent notes made by them for their work, are below each image.

The following is our favorite creation for today's prompt. The pic immediately below is the doll but then her secret is revealed in an Instagram video so swipe through to see it before scrolling down for the secret image.
IG @madebysmitty
Amazing, right?

Continue on down for a huge variety of folktale SECRETS from Tuesday.

IG @oprunenco
Artist comment: The second day, I was inspired by a Russian fairytale,, Kashey Besmertnyi,,. His Secret is : his death under a tree is chest- in a chest a rabbit - in a rabbit a duck- in a duck an egg-in an egg a needle- in a needle his death!
IG @katyerayda_plasticine

Artist comment: DAY2 ☆SECRET☆ FolktaleWeek - if you believe in magic, one day on a rainbow day in the grass you can find a sleeping elf baby - Good luck for all of you๐Ÿ˜Š☘๐ŸŒž
IG @feliciaolin
Artist comment: Fadhila's Secret (A Kenyan Folktale) - I searched #secret and #folktale and found a Kenyan folk tale about a girl with good luck finding fruit and a lazy, greedy spider who takes advantage of her kindness. I have been pretty obsessed with the tribal make-up from Beyonce's Lemonade so I used a cross between that make up and some more traditional Kenyan attire.
IG @ellinarium_art
Artist comment: N/A
IG @suzemariepics
Artist comment: Day 2: Secret. This is The Forest Bride:The Little Mouse who was a Princess.๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‘ธ A farmer had 3 sons and wanted them to marry, so he told them to each chop a tree and search in the direction of their own fallen tree for a bride. The youngest sons tree pointed into the forest where only animals lived. The youngest son, struck up a friendship with a white mouse, who held a secret, she was an enchanted Princess disguised as a mouse. After each son and prospective bride performed several tasks for the Father, which the mouse excelled at, she was invited to meet him. She decided to go in style, in a little carriage of an empty nutshell, pulled by five black mice. As they neared his ho.e they had to cross a footbridge, as the neared the middle a man was coming towards them, and kicked the coach and mice into the river below. As the young man mourned his mouse, a fancy coach pulled up, and a beautiful princess approached the man, and she explained she had been the mouse. The young man took his bride to be home to meet his father. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ‘ธ
IG @spittypt
Artist comment: N/A
IG @nadine_dubois
Artist comment: N/A
IG @taranealarts
Artist comment: Day 2 of #folktaleweek is #Secret. This magic purple cow is Wee Little Havroshechka’s secret helper from the Slavic folktale, which has a few versions but always includes Havroshechka adopted by a mean woman with mean daughters and given ridiculous tasks like making several new dresses out of a small square of linen. She somehow has this magical cow that pities her and says, “jump through my ears and the work will be done.” But sometimes the translation is, “jump in one ear and out the other,” which was much funnier as a kid. Eventually she runs away because the stepmother wants to kill the cow and she finds a cottage with little dwarves and a handsome prince and she wins him over with domestic work. Theoretically the cow gets along ok as well, or one would hope.
IG @bethwoolrich
Artist comment: Folktale Week Day 2 - SECRET The Secret of the Fairies - One day, an ironworker named Matteo decided he must see the fairies...... “Good," she said, "but one thing you must know. I will teach you every secret, and I will make you happy, but you must see me only when I wish you to see me. Never follow me. Promise me that." "I promise," Matteo said.
Artist comment: Day 2 of #folktaleweek, prompt ‘Secret’ - I have chosen the fairy tale ‘The Secret’ about a farmer who found two pots of gold ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐand as he was afraid people would be after his gold, he decided to test his wife and check if she could keep a secret ๐Ÿ™„I think you already know she did not pass the test ☺️
IG @leila_and_po
Artist comment: Folktale Week Day 2: Secret - Cinderella’s secrets with magical animals and fitting into glass slippers, the list goes on and on. - I went with an older, pre-Disney version of this story. My 16 year old came up with the idea of representing both versions of Cinderella by depicting one in the mirror’s reflection. 
IG @meg.vermaak
Artist comment: DAY 2: SECRET - Today’s folktale illustration is based on a story titled ‘Mrs Chicken and the hungry crocodile’. ๐ŸŠ “The night before their eggs are all about to hatch, Chicken secretly trades eggs with crocodile.” Chicken then tries to convince Crocodile that they are related so that he will not eat her. -What a humorous tale! ๐Ÿ“
IG @marketastengl
Artist comment: day 2 SECRET ๐Ÿ–ค - Inspired by a Japanese folktale called The Flute. - A flute cries and helps a father to find out that his daughter was killed by her stepmother. - Did you know that only dead and ghosts wear their kimono with the right portion on the top like this? I definitely learned something new here.
IG @maria.over
Artist comment: Today’s prompt is SECRET. - In winter, when Thumbelina finds shelter in the field mouse‘s home, she discovers a swallow that fell from the sky. She feels so sad remembering how it beautifully it sang in the summer and secretly warms the swallow bedding it on soft wool and covering it with a woven grass blanket. Just as she lays her head on the swallow‘s chest, she suddenly hears a heartbeat – the swallow isn’t dead at all!
IG @heidewitz
Artist comment: SECRET ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐ŸŒ€๐Ÿฆ‡ - She knows your future, but she will not tell.
IG @friederickeablang
Artist comment: No one knows the secret within: - Silence and light and human skin. - 2 - secret of #folktaleweek
IG @sveta_solarni
Artist comment: N/A (Ed: Nice depiction of The Frog Tsarevna!
IG @marieroberts
Artist comment: N/A
IG @annekecaramin
Artist comment: Day 2 of Folktaleweek and the prompt was 'Secret'! Last year I focused on local Belgian folktales and legends, and did the same thing this time. I found a little story about a witch who took the appearance of a hare to play in the moonlight, and was found out when her lover shot the hare, only to find his injured beloved in its place...
IG @artbyemilyskinner
Artist comment: Day 2 prompt "secret". I wanted to try this one as B&W line. This witch has many secrets- she is a shapeshifter, changing into a cat (and in some versions of the story an owl), she lures wild animals to her house to feed on, and she turns young women into birds which she keeps in cages.
IG @bettabasile
Artist comment: Hansel secretly dropped the bits of breadcrumbs that would allow them to find the house again...
IG @paperartbyanni
Artist comment: 2nd day of #folktaleweek2019 #secret - Do you remember the tale of the king with donkey ears? Not a cheerful story but at least there is a happy end in most of the versions. The lesson to be learned is that „nothing is secret that will not be revealed”. 
IG @aliocha.gouverneur_art
Artist comment: N/A
IG @thistlemoon
Artist comment: day 2 - Secret. I love seals, so for this prompt I chose selkies! A selkie is a mythological creature that can change its shape from seal to human form by shedding its skin. According to Scottish folklore, if a man stole a selkie’s seal skin she could be forced to be his wife, although she would forever long to return to the sea. She would live as a human, keeping her true form a secret as her husband wished to hold her for himself. However, in some versions of the tale she would regain her skin and immediately return to the sea. I always recommend the film Song of the Sea by @cartoonsaloon for a beautiful interpretation of the Irish selkie folktale.
IG @annna_oparina (yes, 3 'A's in annna!)
Artist comment: 3. Secret ๐Ÿค ✨
IG @victoria_portraits
Artist comment: N/A
IG @louisegouet
Artist comment: Day two of Folk Tale Week: Secret ๐ŸŒ™ This is the tale of Tristan and Isolde, which is associated with Tintagel, Cornwall. ๐Ÿฐ - Tristan, a Cornish Knight, was sent to Ireland to bring Isolde back to be the king’s wife. On the way back they both accidentally drank a love potion that was meant for the king, and fell deeply in love. Isolde married the king but kept Tristan as her secret lover. Eventually the king found out and banished Tristan to Brittany. There he found a wife but continued to love Isolde. One day he was wounded and sent for her to nurse him- if she agreed she was meant to come in a ship with a white sail. His new wife was jealous and told him that the ship had a black sail, and he died of heartbreak. When Isolde reached him too late she lay down and died in his arms. ๐Ÿ—ก
IG @zhuravlyova_valeria
Artist comment: "Secret" and this is my second illo for #folktaleweek2019 is based on the Russian folktale Princess the Frog
IG @farrell_annemarie
Artist comment: Today’s prompt is #secret . I’m using a scene from The Twelve Dancing Princesses in which a King wonders how his daughters’ dancing shoes are always worn out? Spoiler alert... those little rascals are drugging the guards and escaping down a secret trapdoor to get up to their shenanigans! My kind of princesses. ๐Ÿ˜œ (*no guards were drugged in this scene... he is faking and follows them under an invisibility cloak!) 
IG @nerd_cats
Artist comment: Day 2 of #folktaleweek2019 is “secret”. I found the tale of Ursila from Stronsay, which tells the story of a woman named Ursila, who takes a Male “selkie”, one of the seal-folks, as a lover. After that she has many children, but each one is born with strange webbing between their fingers and toes. The midwife would cut off the webbing, in order to keep Ursila’s secret...
IG @lydiapudel
Artist comment: Day 2 of #folktaleweek The prompt is #secret - Unce upon a time there were a gorgeous princess with an evil stepmother who were a mad queen and a sourceress. The girl fell in love with a common guy and that was not the fate the stepmother intendet for the girl. -So she cursed the boy and he turned into a bear. But the girl was not afraid of the bear or her stepmother and kept visiting her love and searching for a solution to break the curse! ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ„๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒบ Many russian folktales involve bears and stags and pretty girls. So did this one.๐Ÿ˜Š
IG @misheru_does_art
Artist comment: Day 2: Secret - A MANANANGGAL is usually depicted as a flying vampiric female with only half of her body and having bat-like wings. The other half left in a hideaway within the thicket of the jungle. In daytime she lives and walks amongst humans but come darkness she detaches her upper torso from her lower body and sets off to hunt. She feeds off babies and fetuses from pregnant women by sucking the blood through the mother’s navel using her elongated tongue that passes through a secret hole from the roof of the victim’s house. - Sunlight is deadly and so she must return to her lair and her lower torso at dawn. It is also said that in order to kill the monster, one must search for the lower half of her body and pour salt, garlic or ash over the exposed flesh to prevent the transformation of the manananggal back into her human form. The same ingredients kept in the house should veer off any attack. - The Manananggal may well be the most popular monster or aswang in the country for other regions have similar creatures only with slight variations in gender, feeding habits and body structure. A wakwak from Surigao is something of human bird that flies in the night in search of a victim. The Bikolanos also believe in other beings such as the asuwang na layog, who transforms into a winged creature under houses, and the anananggal, who is similar to the manananggal. The Ungo of Zamboanga also has wings, lived among humans during the day but feeds on the dead, while the Tiyu-an of Capiz is a woman with a puppy by day but in the dark of night keeps its body in tact as it flies to hunt for babies and pregnant women.
IG @edra.artist
Artist comment: #segreto #secret #fiaba #tale #barbablu #bluebeard #folktaleweek #folktaleweek2019
IG @echo.ism
Artist comment: The Loom at Night - #folktaleweek 2/7, Secret - The Crane Wife, from the japanese folktale... Tried to use colours I usually don’t, and finding it hard ๐Ÿ˜‚
IG @ashley_mckee
Artist comment: For “secret” I chose the old Jack Tale Jack and the Giants New Ground. The king hires Jack to rid the land of a family of grumpy giants that have killed every man who’s attempted to clear the land. Jack reluctantly agrees. His wits help him to defeat the giant children of the old giant and his wife (all of whom have multiple heads). The giant couple decide they need to get rid of Jack before he gets rid of them, and they secretly plot to cook him for dinner. The story describes the oven and the shelf above the fireplace. I included a comb on the shelf because the mother giant wants to comb Jack before preparing him for dinner. The giants didn’t realize that Jack was listening from an opening in the door. As a result, he was able to think fast to save himself and defeat the giants.
IG @manon_ga_
Artist comment: The secrets stir curiosity, so I drew the pandora box.
IG @thunder_sky_illustrations
Artist comment: Folktale week day 2 "secret" - A Northumbrian tale of The three treacle wells of longwitton
Near the town of longwitton there were three wells said to have healing powers, they became so popular they drew the attention of a ferocious "worm" (dragon) ... Upon drinking the water the dragon turned invisible and from that day forward none could use the wells for fear of the invisible worm who guarded them. An adventurous traveller vowed to rid the wells of the worm and acquired a magic salve which when applied to his eyes allowed him to see the unseen... Despite being able to now see the worm every blow he dealt the beast with his blade magically healed itself. The traveller returned the next day and as he fought once again he noticed that the dragon would never venture too far from the wells. It was then that he discovered the worms secret, his tail was always dipped into the healing water of one of the treacle wells allowing him to recover instantly during battle. The brave traveller lured the beast as far away from the wells as he could and then darting forward made a swift blow to the creatures tail with his sword, thus separating it from the healing properties of the water. He then succeeded in slaying the worm and ridding the town of longwitton of the beast.
IG @visiongonegrey
Artist comment: Day 2: Secret “shhh no one knows what happened to grandma”
IG @elleasparuhova
Artist comment: Once upon a time there was a boy who had a secret. He was so scared to say it out loud that he locked it inside himself with a key and lost trust in everyone. - He was so cautions about losing the key... as losing it meant that everyone would know his secret and he would be alone for the rest of his days, that the key turned as blue as him...And so the boy spent the rest of his days looking after the key as if his life depended on it...letting life go by.. - ‘My sad, sad boy.... do you feel less lonely, now that I finally know your secret..?’ - Folktale week day 2 - Secret
IG @kendra_binney
Artist comment: And about that sea monster.... #folktaleweek day 2: secret.
IG @natelledrawsstuff
Artist comment:  Day Two prompt for Folktale Week is SECRET ๐Ÿ’œ The story I chose to illustrate is The Cowherd and The Weaver Girl. Swipe across to see a closeup of the Weaver Girl! - ๐Ÿ’œThe pair fell in love, and kept their relationship a secret, but their love was discovered, and they were both punished to opposite ends of the milkyway ๐Ÿ˜ฑ But on a special day every year, flocks of magpies would form a bridge between them, so that the lovers could reunite for one day. This story is a popular one and there are many renditions of it!
IG @yfmnko
Artist comment: Part 2. Secret/ะกะตะบั€ะตั‚.๐Ÿฆ That girl, who lived near the forest, knew about herself one not simple feature. Contrary to her will, something incredible happened to her as soon as the first stars appeared in the sky. Every night, her hands were replaced by wings, and her dark wavy hair was intertwined with feathers. The girl became half a bird.Unable to control this, she always hid in her room under the very roof of the house.In one of many such strange for her nights have lost count how many there were, there was what she was so afraid. The night was clear. Marvelous the moon splashed on each branch, has filled the whole space with its cold light, and in the window glowed warm candle flame. Inadvertently, the girl forgot to lock the window and she was noticed First. One of the villagers saw the winged creature so clearly that he cried out from the horror of misunderstanding what he saw. The girl started and uncertainly turned around. She was always afraid of this, afraid to be noticed by someone, because what will happen to her then? The half-bird abruptly flew out of the room. Away. I ran away.
IG @laure_illustrations
Artist comment: A tale from Suriname ๐Ÿ† ... A jaguar was so impressed by a hunters skills that he changed shape and became a beautiful woman to seduce the hunter. They lived and hunted together happily until the villagers became suspicious. The villagers got the mother in law of the jaguar woman drunk and she told them her secret. After that, the jaguar woman went back to the jungle and the poor hunter never saw his beloved wife again.
IG @shantala_robinson

Artist comment:  
'Secret'.She jumped into the lake with the cows, bull and calf training after her. Another folk tale. Keeping it monochromatic. 
IG @artspellmagic
Artist comment: Folktale Week Day 2: SECRET - Inspired by the German folktale “The Snake” published by the Zingerle Brothers about a girl who is asked to marry a snake and receives a secret revelation that the snake will transform into a handsome young man on their wedding night if she asks him to shed his seven skins.
IG @flakesandtales
Artist comment: Folktale week day 2! This wolf is keeping secrets, don't fall for his tricks ✨ #folktaleweek2019
IG @noteswithscribbles
Artist comment: The girl from the six swans is about to discover the #secret to turn her brothers back into humans. This drawing was the result of an inkober sketch that I finally polished today. I’ve posted it before but I need to see it within the series it generated - I don’t think I can really match it, but I don’t mind. Because there is a certain special magic inherent in a moment I would have loved as a girl, when I dreamed of getting this close to birds. 
IG @lalunadraw
Artist comment:  day 2 - Secret - Today’s story from Greek Mythology -Secret inside the Pandora’s Box-
“...Pandora was trying to tame her curiosity, but at the end she could not hold herself anymore; she opened the box and all the envy, sickness, hate, disease that gods had hidden in the box started coming out.”
IG @st.kamila
Artist comment: Day 2 : SECRET - Gouache painting process inspired by old Asian fairytale about a wife turning into heron.
IG @marjolaineroller
Artist comment: "Open all doors, go into each and every one of my appartments, except that little closet, which I forbid you, and forbid it in such a manner that, if you happen to open it, you may expect my just anger and resentment." She promised but one day the #temptation was so strong that she could not overcome it... ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฑ #bluebeard
IG @scottkeenanillo
Artist comment: Day 2 of #folktaleweek ‘Secret’ This witch definitely has a deadly secret that Hansel and Gretel don’t know about yet! ๐Ÿฌ .
IG @babushkina_irra
Artist comment: The little secret of a big forest.
IG @passionflower_art_design
Artist comment: The Seven Ravens by Brothers Grimm. An interesting tale of disappointment, secrets, devotion and restoration. The King was so disappointed in his 7 precious sons that a careless curse turned them all into ravens. ๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸปStay tuned for the rest of the story๐Ÿ˜Š
IG @fraeuleineichhorn
Artist comment: Folktaleweek Day II: "The Singing Bone" - a tale about two brothers who hunt a boar to win the princess's hand in marriage. The younger brother is successful and the older kills him to win the prize himself. A shepherd finds a bone under the bridge where the body is buried and turns it into a flute. When he plays it the bone reveals the #secret of the younger brother's death
IG @leonora_camusso
Artist comment: The second prompt for the #folktale week is: secret - At Nido dell'Orso, above Prali, on the Piedmontese Alps in Italy, there were two sisters of opposite souls: one was kind and a great worker, the other was rude and lazy. Although the good girl spent her days at work in the stable, she always had some money to buy new clothes and jewels that exalted her beauty. The jealous sister wanted to discover her secret and decided to spy on the girl while she was at work. And so, she saw that a black kitten came into the stable every day and the good girl offered him a bowl of fresh milk. - What she didn't see, though, was the kitten that, after drinking all the milk, tapped the bowl until it magically filled with silver coins. - To discover the mystery, the lazy girl asked her sister to go to the stable in her place. The following day, when she found herself in front of the cat asking for milk, instead of stretching out the bowl she kicked it out. The cat came out of the barn and turned into a fairy, who, with an indignant gaze, abandoned those valleys forever.
IG @hoillustration_
Artist comment: Day Two (real time this time) of Folktale Week and it’s unsurprisingly more Angela from me, this time from ‘The Tiger’s Bride’. The prompt was SECRET and it came out super creepy? - ‘He throws our human aspirations to the godlike sadly awry, poor fellow; only from a distance would you think The Beast not much different from any other man, although he wears a mask with a man's face painted most beautifully on it. Oh, yes, a beautiful face; but one with too much formal symmetry of feature to be entirely human: one profile of his mask is the mirror image of the other, too perfect, uncanny. He wears a wig, too, false hair tied at the nape with a bow, a wig of the kind you see in old-fashioned portraits. A chaste silk stock stuck with a pearl hides his throat. And gloves of blond kid that are yet so huge and clumsy they do not seem to cover hands.’⁣
IG @juliachristiansde
Artist comment: FOLKTALEWEEK ↟ I am telling storys from my region the Harz mountains again this year.
#folktaleweek Day 2: secret - Once there was a miner who was working so fast that his colleagues said, that only the devil could work with him. The devil heard about that and came to challenge the miner. Both worked like crazy but the devil won. At the end of the day they got payed 400 coins and one penny which they had to split up. They argued long until the miner threw the penny into a shaft and the devil jumped right after it and he is still living in that shaft, which is now called the devils shaft.
IG @robotswebe2
Artist comment: N/A
IG @Ibleckster
Artist comment: Day 2 #folktaleweek “Secret” The King of the Sharks a Hawaiian tale of a shark that falls in love with a girl by the pool. When their son was born with markings of the shark he was told to wear the cape to conceal the secret.
IG @carolinebonnemuller
Artist comment: Day 2: Secret - I illustrated the harpist who is secretly the Tsarina, to rescue her Tsar. I used the beautiful story ‘The wandering Harpist’ from Russia. I found this story in the great book; The Lost Fairy tales, written by Isabel Otter and illustrated by Ana Sender, published by @caterpillar_books For many Sunday mornings I was reading these magical stories to my son.
IG @kattonop
Artist comment: 2️⃣Secret - Spanish tale tells about shepherd girl who finds a little cobra snake and keeps it with her secretly. But that's not a regular snake, she is an enchanted princess. . .
IG @katijatomic_artist
Artist comment: Day2 SECRET - She was awoken by a faint creaky noise was her third night as a guest in this old French chateau, and since there was no going back to sleep for her, she decided to explore it. Upon discovering this beautiful library, filled with amazing one of a kind and first additions , she was drawn to one book that was placed upside down. She picked it up,when suddenly one of the bookcases started to slowly turn making this creaky noise that woke her up earlier.....
IG @jacqui.langeland
Artist comment: N/A
IG @sandhyaprybhat
Artist comment: N/A
IG @elitsa_nn
Artist comment: N/A
IG @cloverlie
Artist comment: Day 2 - Secret, “Seal Maiden” - I stretched this prompt as an excuse to draw a selkie, as their lives seem to be steeped in secrets; their human form is vulnerable if discovered and their sealskin stolen, for as long as it is kept hidden, they’re bound to the land.


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