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#Folktaleweek Picks of Day 6: "Key"

IG @serpreka
Almost an entire week filled with new art for folktales and fairy tales and only one more prompt (after today) to go! All the #FolktaleWeek and #FolktaleWeek2019 info is HEREThe link shows the posts collected by hashtag and you can see an enormous sampling of the myriad mediums and styles being created in. (Prepare for lots of scrolling! There are hundreds of wonderful things to see!) 

You can also see a small selection of the MANY posts that have appeared for each day so far here on Once Upon A Blog as both tribute and inspiration:
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Today's prompt is KEY.

Note: Bluebeard made a LOT of appearances today and there were some very fresh approaches! We also expected Alice in Wonderland trying to get through the teeny door and had a hunch that The Golden Key would make an appearance since it's one of the first results Google offers when you look up "folktale" or "Fairy Tale" + "key". We saw quite a few Seven Ravens posts, but mostly about the tree with the key and not the princess having to use her finger as a key... and then there were also a LOT of ravens with keys, often keys and crowns.

As a reminder, we chose for different styles, unusual scenes of known tales and most often, lesser-known tales wonderfully done.

Enjoy - artist credits, and any pertinent notes made by them for their work, are below each image.
IG @asli_denizh_art
Artist comment: Folktale week: KEY. “I want the golden key” said the frog king. Frog was charmed by the allure of the gold bliss. 
IG @mosokje
Artist comment:  "Anne, sister Anne, do you see anyone coming?"  - She opened the door to the forbidden room with Bluebeard's key
IG @hpillustration_
Artist comment: Day six of Folktale week - KEY. Went off piste with this one because as you can see there are zero keys in this pic HOWEVER in Czech-born artists Peter Sis’ story ‘The Three Golden Keys’, ⁣
a man in a hot-air ballon is thrown off course in a violent storm, landing him in the city of his youth. He finds the way to his old home, but the house is dark, with three rusty padlocks on the door. A black cat with eyes of fire appears and leads him through Prague's silent streets and monuments in search of the three golden keys that will open the door of his boyhood home and restore the city to life.⁣
IG @marketastengl
Artist comment: day 6 KEY 💜 Otohime - the undersea princess from a Japanese folktale Urashima Tarō.
IG @annna_oparina
Artist comment: N/A 
IG @heidewitz
Artist comment: Looking for the KEY 🔑🌲
IG @tiachristiner
Artist comment: Day 6: Key - Based on the Bluebeard folktale. Super creepy and horrible 💀Happy Saturday!

IG @mechanikaldoll
Artist comment: Key. - The old-time Indians say that long, long ago, the Little People made a law that stories must not be told in summer. - Summer is the time for work. Bees must store their honey. Squirrels must gather their nuts. Men must grow their corn. Trees and plants must leaf, and flower, and bear their fruit. - If stories were told, plants, birds, animals, and men would stop their work to listen. This would mean poor crops and hungry people. Animals would forget to grow their winter coats and lay by their winter stores. Birds would fail to start in time for the South. - The old Indians say that the story-teller who disobeys this law of Jo gah oh will suffer some misfortune. Winter is the time to tell the stories, for then the work of animals, plants, and men is done,—and the Little People are fast asleep. - No, it is not safe to tell stories in summer. No one knows when a bird, or a bee, or a butterfly may be listening, and may tell the chief of the Little People. Should the chief of the Little People be offended, he might cause something dreadful to happen to the story-teller.
IG @sushiartbar
Artist comment: Today I give you a not so well known tale by the Brothers Grimm: The old woman in the wood (Die Alte im Walde) - A poor girl is left alone in a forrest. She meets a talking white dove who gives her a golden key to open the trees and find everything she needs in there: food, clothes and a place to sleep. Later she learnes the dove is an enchanted prince and the old woman from the title was the witch how cursed him.
IG @maja_illustration
Artist comment: Day 6 of #folktaleweek2019 Prompt: key🗝️ Cinderella gets locked in her room when the prince comes round to see if the slipper fits... Cinderella's stepmother is a true villain scarier than any witch or evil queen! 😱 .
IG @taranealarts
Artist comment: The Prompt for Day 6 of #folktaleweek is #key and this one came down to the wire for me. I didn’t find a key-specific folktale, but I came across plenty of folklore and superstitions about household objects, like keys. Keys are very symbolic and magical, and church keys are especially imbued with supernatural powers. It is said that if your children are misbehaving or ill, you can thread their clothing through the eye of a church key to improve the circumstances. Incidentally, if you search for images of church keys, you will discover tons of beer bottle openers, which are also called church keys. The original bottle openers had large loops on a handle rod that resembled the keys to a church, and so the nickname took! Well, take me to church 🍺 😆 .
IG @leahingledew
Artist comment: N/A
IG @loni.planet
Artist comment: FOLKTALE WEEK 2019 - A ROMANIAN FOLKTALE – 6. KEY - Finally they reached the cave of the ice dragon. Although it is against Crengutsa’s nature to harm any living being, she knew this is the only key! In order to defeat the dragon, she had to sacrifice all of her spirit, all of her. So she gathered all of her remaining energy, bundled it and aimed it against the dragon. The dragon felt caught at his surprise, he barely could move. From one second to the other Crengutsa’s light filled the air and wrapped around the dragons body. The more she turned into light, the more the dragon turned into stone. At last, she was light. And the dragon a huge rock of stone, which till this day, builds a part of the Carpathians.
IG @victoria_fomina_art
Artist comment: Where is a key to your heart? Day 6🔑🗝
IG @laia.pampols
Artist comment: Day 6 of #folktaleweek : Key - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 🗝///
IG @yellowstonestudio
Artist comment: Day 6. KEY - Concept - Hark who calls from yonder window. - Rapunzel has tried everything to set herself free. Even fashioned key's from her hair, but hark! who calls from yonder window. A handsome saviour perhaps?
IG @tihonenko.dasha
Artist comment: Subject: Key Excerpt from a fairy tale about silver ⠀ SILVER KEY ⠀ “In the city of Campengpet, which has long been famous for its diamond walls, many years ago there lived a poor young man by the name of Judd, which means“ happiness ”. He was the son of a fisherman. Everyone loved him for his wonderful character and considered him the most beautiful young man in the world. Judd once fished and found a small silver key in the nets. The astonished young man began to examine his find. He was struck by the beauty of the finish and the inscription engraved in gold letters in Pali: "This key will open the honest path to glory." - The delighted little fisherman decided not to tell anyone about his find. Now, all his free time, he admired this silver key. But once Judd decided to swim and left his panung on the shore. At this time, his friend needed a knife. Without thinking twice, he took the panung of Judd and found a silver key there. After carefully examining the key, he put it back. - It so happened that at the same time, Princess Achamana, which means “purity,” lost the key to the casket, in which the best gems in the world were stored. This key - a gift of a good spirit - was such an amazing work that no mortal could have faked it. "It has been announced throughout Campengpet that anyone who finds a thief will receive a great reward.”
IG @ellapaton.picturebooks
Artist comment: #Day6 #key next entry for @illostories #folktaleweek this one was bothering me all night! Had to get it on paper.
IG @silke.illutriert
Artist comment: Day 6=key, Der goldene Schlüssel, Grimm Märchen. The golden key, grimm brothers.
IG @laura_illustrator
Artist comment: N/A 
IG @hannahjdyson
Artist comment: Day 6. Folktale week. Prompt key. The troll begs the Raven King for the key.
IG @polinauggarova_illustration
Artist comment: Hi guys, this is my *Key* for #folktaleweek2019 - There is another Russian folktale hero Koshei Bessmertnyi (Koshey Immortal). Tales says that his death is in a needle, needle is in a duck, duck is in a hare, hare is in a chest, chest is on a tree, tree is on a island Buyan 😱 Tricky
IG @alexadelaida
Artist comment:  day 6 - KEY - Find the vampire 🧛‍♂️ In this tale the 3rd daughter (of course the 1st and 2nd one had to die first) runs away from a vampire and hides in a chest she finds in the woods. She closes the lock with her hair and remains safe there for a while. You can read the rest of the story here
IG @charlotte_weyand
Artist comment: The white woman - In many regions of Germany, but also in Switzerland and Italy I found a story about a damned woman. - Anyone who came across her betrayed that he would redeem her so there would be a great treasure for him. At night, she would meet him in the guise of a giant snake and carry a key in its mouth. This key brings salvation and treasure with it. The only thing the guy has to do is snatch the key from the snake. He does not need to be afraid. Unfortunately, no one ever dared. In the face of the giant snake, they had all fled. - It reminds me a little of the temptation of the serpent in paradise and you?
IG @kattonop
Artist comment: 6️⃣ Key - I found this Chinese tale about three brothers who tried to get a key from gigantic pine which was growing on a giant mountain. The key opens a cave full of treasure. And guess which one of them succeed? (As it usually goes in tales not surprisingly the third one)
IG @emilyjaneartstudio
Artist comment: For day 6 of #FolktaleWeek (key) I thought I would summarize the Grimm's Fairy tale 'The Golden Key'. A boy found a key and a box in the snow
What lies inside we do not yet know...🗝️
IG @ceecliff_art
Artist comment: KEY to freedom. Day 6 prompt for #folktaleweek2019 — In this version of Selkie folklore, seals can shed their skin and take on a human form. One day a fisherman sees the seals swimming without their skins, and steals the discarded skin of one of the seals, thus preventing her from becoming a seal again. He locks her skin away and keeps the key safely with him. Without her skin, she remains a woman and the fisherman takes her as his wife. **Spoiler Alert** That smart seal-woman ends up getting her hands on the key and is able to free herself.
IG @nataliehuyghe
Artist comment: Don't use that key, said Bluebeard. And guess what happened next? - I'm still working on the assignments for Folktale Week. Here is a drawing inspired by the keywords 'secret' and 'key'. In all drawings of this week there is also a tail. I don’t think that it’s mentioned in the story that Bluebeard had a ponytail, but I think it is quite possible. Why not, right?
IG @vikapozum
Artist comment: Day6. Key. - You see the key, but wait... Some secrets don‘t need to be opened.
IG @claudialealv
Artist comment: Day 6: KEY. - “In a certain forest in my kingdom,” said the King, “there are two Giants, who, by murder, rapine, fire, and robbery, have committed great damage, and no one approaches them without endangering his own life. If you overcome and slay both these Giants, I will give you my only daughter in marriage, and half of my kingdom for a dowry: a hundred knights shall accompany you, too, in order to render you assistance.” The brave little tailor. GRIMM BROTHERS, 1812 .
IG @storijdesigns
Artist comment: And another drawing for #folktaleweek2019 - the nobleman and the nightingale... My drawing for #key
IG @suetoddillustration
Artist comment: #folktaleweek2019 prompt today is "key" From #picturebook One Last Wish, a re-telling of a Hindu #folktale. Sivatra knows the key to saving her husband lies with the god Yama. 
IG @tizianalongo_illustrazioni
Artist comment: N/A
 IG @deborahstyson
Artist comment: Folktale Week day 6 - #key it’s a two for one today!! When three brothers set off to find their fortunes in the world, two were continually mean and thoughtless to the animals around them, but the youngest was repeatedly kind. Once he saved a colony of ants from being trampled by his brothers. Another time he saved a duck from becoming their dinner. Yet another time he saved a beehive from being chopped down by them so they could eat the honey. - One day they found an enchanted castle in the forest. The king inside was mourning his three daughters who where placed under a sleeping spell. To lift the spell someone needed to come to the castle and complete three tasks. First they needed to find and return 1000 of the princesses’ lost pearls thrown into the forest. Next they need to retrieve the key to their bedchamber from the bottom of the lake. And last, they needed to identify the youngest princess. - The two older brothers tried and failed. But the younger brother set out and soon the colony of ants he saved marched up to him each with a lost pearl on his back. At the lake the duck he saved brought him the golden key. The younger brother returned to the castle. The key opened the bedchamber, now he had only to identify the youngest princess... but they all looked exactly alike! - To be continued...
IG @heycasshey
Artist comment: Day 6 : 🗝KEY🗝 - For this prompt I chose the Grimm’s tale, “The Golden Key”. This is probably the shortest and most mysterious Grimm’s tale out of them all! It’s about a boy that finds a key and a lock box buried in the snow — and he goes to open the box AND THEN THE STORY ENDS! What a cliff hanger!! I decided to make my character and old man — maybe it’s the same boy all grown up and he’s heading to burry the box again for someone else to find! ✨
IG @spittypt
Artist comment: N/A
IG @leonora_camusso
Artist comment: The sixth prompt of #folktaleweek is: key - It’s said that in the Germanasca Valley –  in the Northwest of Italy – lived a family in which the two daughters-in-law and mother-in-law couldn’t agree on almost anything. The two girls were terrible slackers and it was said that the spirits had taken advantage of all that discord to get into their business. - One day, the two girls stole the cellar key to go and drink wine taking advantage of the absence of the mother-in-law. While they were helping themselves, they saw, flickering in the light of the candle, a figure sitting on the barrel. It was a huge white goat with shining eyes that tore the bonnet from one of their heads with a leap. The girls, terrified, fled leaving the wine tap open. They immediately put back the key where they took it, frightened for the moment of the discovery of the empty barrel. In the evening, the woman went down to the cellar and returned perplexed with a bonnet dirty with wine. The spirit of the wine cellar, after giving a lesson to the two girls, had saved the precious contents of the barrel.
IG @imogenfoxell
Artist comment: #key for #folktaleweek. A girl is forbidden to go in the locked room. It turns out to be full her sisters' dismembered corpses, but she is not fazed. She sees them back together reanimated them and plots her revenge.
IG @nanofevrier
Artist comment: Day 6 "Keys" - Finally a tale where the characters live happily ever after! - This is based from a Hungarian folktale about 3 brothers who want to get married, but their dad challenges them in order to know which one gets to marry first. Two of the sons have sweethearts, but the youngest one doesn't (don't ask me why he wants to get married then). The father make them go through 3 tests. I'll skip the first 2 but the two brothers who already girlfriends succeed easily thanks to their ladyfriends... the single brother however is helped each time by an old witch he met in the forest while lamentating about the challenges. - Time for the last test which is "He who'll bring the loveliest girl will be the first to marry". Our young dude doesn't know any cute girl, just an old witch! But thanksfully she can help again: all he has to do, she explains, is to light a fire in the magic fireplace of a palace, and with each sparkle of fire, a witch will appear. At some point a witch with a bunch of keys in her mouth will appear and he'll have to snatch the keys out of her mouth otherwise the rest of the witches will attack him... He does as she explained and tadah, that witch with the keys transform into a beautiful princess! A spell was cast on her to make her remain as an old hag. In the end, the dad let's everybody marry and the former witch and young brother offer land and homes to the older brothers to live happily ever after. - You can watch this tale as a short animated film on Youtube, there's a sweet channel called "Hungarian Folk Tales". This story is called "the Witch", and it's pretty random and surreal but there's many more weirder tales that have no moral or makes no sense whatsoever, they're funny to watch! The animation is really cute as well.
IG @samrudddesign
Artist comment: Key for folktale week. Not really a folktale more Folklore.
IG @paululadesign
Artist comment: 6 of #Folktaleweek2019 - Key - I've got another key-picture in mind, but it is weekend and i have family and love issues ❤️🥰 and by the way this fits just right to key (for now). I drew it as a Folktaleweek preparation. Since i dived quite deep into the 7 ravens, i did a few spot illustrations about it. - This is the youngest of 8 children. Her 7 older brothers got cursed into ravens right after she was born. To save them it needs a key. And this key belongs to this little girl. In the grimm story she cuts off her little finger as a key (after she lost the little chicken bone, she got from the friendly stars ). Maybe it was meant for her to give this personal sacrifice anyway.... 
IG @catmadness
Artist comment: Day 6|7. “Key”. “The girl summoned up her courage and she noticed that one of the keys – the very key to the little room – was stained with blood.”
IG @georgiacamden
Artist comment: The wind took Lo’s heart and locked it away with a golden key. The Wind took the key everywhere, it flittered high in the sky, dancing in the breezes beyond the worlds reach. Far beyond the reach of all, except those who can ride the winds. Though the birds are friends with the wind, drifting and gliding with the currents, they love the Children of the Moon and they missed Lo’s songs that filled the night. So one calm and quiet hour, when the whispers of the wind were barely heard, the brave little birds stole the key and found the moonchild’s heart to return to her.
IG @prosto_ra
Artist comment: N/A
IG @whatfloatssofiasboat
Artist comment: N/A
IG @amorphophallus_titanum
Artist comment: unfinished 🤷🏻‍♀️ “the bloody chamber” (angela carter’s version) was the only story that came to mind for the #key theme of #folktaleweek2019/#folktaleweek
IG @caroilustra
Artist comment: N/A
IG @nancytoppingart
Artist comment: She was haunted by her actions. She had opened the sea chest and found her mother's seal skin. She hadn't realised that it would mean her mother would leave. She was haunted by her grief.
IG @greerainart
Artist comment: N/A
IG @aforeffortart
Artist comment: The flaming “key”. #folktaleweek #folktaleweek2019
Artist comment: What’s behind the curtain? You tell me! ✨ Snatched a bit of time to draw something non-work related after a hectic day. So here we have #marsviolet for #colour_collective AND a combo post for #folktaleweek2019 - #secret#darkness#key and #crown
IG @cloverlie
Artist comment: Day 6: Key, “Keyhole Catloaf” - 
I stumbled across a Swedish tale in which, at one point, a cat transforms into a loaf of bread and stuffs himself in a keyhole to stop a giant from opening his palace door. You don’t even need to hear the rest of the tale, this is the best part.


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