Friday, April 28, 2017

New FT Blog: 'Fairy Tale Footnotes'

It's no secret we can barely get to most of the fairy tale news that happens every day - not even posting daily, but we persist and keep trying because we believe it's important. Occasionally we get frustrated at how behind we've gotten in sharing things our fairy tale newsroom has gotten excited about, but not been able to share, so will post a "round-up", which isn't the same, but helps - a little.

There is an aspect of being Fairy Tale News Hounds (and having a very active 'fairy tale radar') that doesn't get shared on OUABlog much, if at all, though, and that's our Fairy Tale News Hound's personal observations and notes that happen in daily life, reading and research - in other words, OUABlog isn't a personal blog, and there's a lot that's being missed because we put our energy into focusing on news and researching and writing those instead.

So, in an effort to catch more of those fairy tale thoughts, anecdotes and other interesting bits and pieces that happen between news stories, InkGypsy has started a new fairy tale journal-like blog, called Fairy Tale Footnotes. The first post (of a few) is copied above for an introduction.

(Gypsy has notebooks full of these things, and floating post-its that get lost under couches and in between bookshelves, but she's going to make an effort to put all those scribbles in this blog instead.)

To keep the pressure of posting to a minimum, the posts will be random, with no specific schedule - from multiple mini-posts a day to many days in between. Most likely they'll be fast, loose (expect typos!) and be inconsistent in format - some will be more researched while others will, perhaps, be just a line... The purpose is to mark that moment that prickled her fairy tale senses. (And put that note somewhere where she can find it again!)

We're putting it in our blogroll on the right, but if there's enough interest, Gypsy will add a subscribe button.

One thing is certain - it will be all about fairy tales. And if you like that sort of thing, you're welcome to read along. 

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