Wednesday, April 19, 2017

'Fairy Tale Roundup' Newsletter to Launch (& OUABlog & TT are involved - sign up now for 1st issue debut!)

Swans Rescue by Rebecca Solow (from 'The Witch' & a series based on Russian folktales)
There is an exciting new fairy tale resource about to launch and wing its way directly to your inboxes! It's for fairy tale news, fairy tale submission announcements, fairy tale writing tips, fairy tale tidbits... you get the idea: all things fairy tale! 

A smorgasbord of all-fairy-tale-goodness, heaped temptingly into one delicious monthly newsletter for all fairy tale folk, the newsletter is being coordinated by sister-blog, Enchanted Conversation and, oh yes - we're part of it!

Both Once Upon A Blog and Timeless Tales are involved, along with a few other folks. Our hope is that over time the list of fairy tale site contributors will grow, as we bring you more of what you love. Just like in fairy tales, we believe that when we work together we can be stronger, together, and help support our readers and fellow fairy tale sites even better.

All you have to do to enjoy this new co-op is to subscribe.. for FREE.

Here's a modified excerpt from the new newsletter announcement at the host site, Enchanted Conversation:
Announcing our *new* FAIRY TALE ROUNDUP! 
Fairy Tale Roundup is a  brand new, monthly co-op newsletter, filled with information about writing and reading opportunities for fairy tale fans! 
Our monthly report will include
- Fairy tale news
- Submission opportunities
- Exclusive writing tips,
- And all things fairy tale from popular fairy tale, fantasy, and folklore sites! 
We will be including news from Enchanted Conversation, of course, but not just EC: World Weaver Press (publisher of Kate Wolford's anthologies, along with other fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi) will include news of forthcoming publications and submission opportunities. Once Upon a Blog, a site jam-packed with fairy tale news, will contribute, along with partner, Timeless Tales, who publish new short stories based on classic fairy tales and myths. As a bonus, Tales of Faerie will also be in the mix now and then! 
We hope, in time, more sites will join in, making Fairy Tale Roundup your favorite source for fairy tale news and opportunities on the web. 


  1. Good Early Morning, Best to state these blogs on Fairy Tales has really been important to me since I am spending a great deal of reviewing and watching German television that has produced some fine fairy tales.
    Fantasy, fairy tales, folk lore and song all seem to be a type of genre that depicts characters from various times and cultures. This is perhaps a part of literature that has always amused me and actually offered a place to escape in books, film, theater, puppetry as these types of work allow a child moments of delight.
    Some of the young women I have worked with have told me their favorite story was Cinderella presented in a children's theater production.
    So amazing that a story with many different perspectives becomes a mentor or a child's hope to become that character depending on the story and the collector Brother's Grimm, Giambatista Basile or others who wrote or rewrote the tale in their own style?