Tuesday, April 25, 2017

'Frozen 2' Gets Release Date

The Storm Inside by nna

The film finally has a confirmed release date, as announced by actors Josh Gad (who plays the adorable sentient snowman Olaf), Kristen Bell ( who plays Anna, along with the official Disney Animation account, and was the official protagonist of the first movie) and Idina Menzel (the ice-magic-wielding Elsa), each in their unique way, via Twitter.

That date is...

November 27th 2019. 

(And people are already putting it on their calendars.)

There are no details of the plot as yet, only that it's a sequel to the animated hit.

The only casting confirmed on IMDB are Kristen Bell, who plays Anna, and Idina Menzel, who plays Elsa, but since jJosh Gad got to announce it too, we're going to assume he's on board as well.

It is presumed to be a musical, at this stage, especially in the current Hollywood push for more, now that back in vogue, but there's no confirmation on that either.

Interestingly, the response has been more mixed than even we expected to see, but the enthusiasm of fans appears to be outweighing the  'don't care's and 'please no's, so to the theater it goes!

So, not a lot of real fairy tale news in this announcement - only really the heads up that people will, once again, be enthusiastic about 'riffing' on the possibilities of a second story for a Snow Queen.

(We have to wonder if there will be some references to Olaf dealing with climate change...)

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