Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Timeless Tales' Snow Queen Issue is Now LIVE!

From TT's Editor, Tahlia Merrill Kirk:
The long wait is finally over. Your patience has paid off and our new collection of short stories and poems has arrived at last.  
Perhaps the oddest thing about the original Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, is the name. Considering it's called, "The Snow Queen", our titular character has a surprisingly small role amongst the many adventures that occur to Gerda and Kay.  
In our latest issue, our writers ask plenty of questions about the Snow Queen herself. Andersen portrays her as the villain, but is there more to it? Could she be a victim, or even the heroine?  
But these retellings also explore the wide variety of other characters--from the Robber Girl, to the crows, to the strange imp who started the whole story. Some of these pieces are cold and wintery, like you'd expect, but others will take you back to summer vacation.  
Read them all HERE. 

A special note about our audio version: It isn't quite ready yet, but will be sent out later this week, so if you are a patron (or become one--hint hint--) you will be receiving the audio files a tiny bit late, but trust us, it's so worth the wait!

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