Saturday, December 10, 2016

'The Little Match Girl Passion'

Match Girl by Sarah Gooll Putnam 1874

Hip-hop minimalist award winning choral work, based on Bach's Passion? Not your usual seasonal offering but it sounds like an amazing project we had to look into a bit further this year, as it's not the first - or second - time it has crossed our radar.

This musical work has been performed before in many different ways, using puppets, as well as a more traditional theatrical presentations (one of which you can see some photos of HERE, and another, more contemporary treatment HERE). Every performance has been presented to critical acclaim, but this new staging looks different again, and this time there are dancers.

The teaser trailer doesn't really give much of an idea, unfortunately, but the concept sounds wonderful and potentially very moving. (We're very curious what the dancer roles are...)

From the press release by ArtsWest, in Seattle, CA:
Performance dates: DEC 11 – DEC 22 2016 
Composed by David Lang, 2008 
Based on The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson 
Modeled after Bach’s Saint Matthew PassionThe Little Match Girl Passion is a modern, minimalist retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s tragic winter fairy tale. With only matches to keep her warm, a poor young girl, afraid to go home to her abusive father, takes shelter in an alley on a cold winter night. As she strikes each match, wonderful visions appear: when the last match is struck, the girl learns that the end of her suffering – and her life – is near. Featuring four of Seattle’s most critically acclaimed voices and the lyrical, hip-hop choreography of UJ Mangune, our production of David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning masterpiece is an intimate, unforgettable evening of music and dance. 
“The piece is at once an understated narrative and an ethereal meditation.” – The New York Times 
“David Lang’s retelling of Hans Andersen’s fairy tale is an entrancingly beautiful piece.” – The Guardian 
“Minimalist in form and quasi-medieval in its sublime austerity.” – The Los Angeles Times

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