Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Human Form of Disney's B&tB Enchanted Objects

Phew, have we been busy! We have lots of news to share but thought we'd kick off with something brief before we get to the awesome, juicy, special behind-the-scenes we have to share... and a tip for the best last minute seasonal present for a real fairy tale lover you might ever give... Stay tuned! You should find out sometime later today.

For now - if you haven't already seen this floating around the internet, take a good look at how the enchanted objects from Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast, will look* in their true and human form.
That the giant movie theater promotional cutout features the humans is probably a large hint as to the emphasis of this movie: people's true selves. We're most curious to see how that plays out with the Beast's transformation into human form and Belle's acceptance of that, after she's come to love him in his transformed state (boy are there going to be some interesting conversations arising from this!)
One question: where's the human Chip? (And is Mrs. Potts drinking from... him? O.O )


*Inside the Magic

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