Wednesday, January 7, 2015

No One Is Alone

by Rune Guneriussen
Today has been... shocking. Everywhere people are devastated and outraged by the terrible, violent terrorism in Paris. And it's hit home particularly for communities of cartoonists, animators and artists. It's all I've been able to think of all day. Two images have stayed with me. One is the response by artist Lucille Clerc, that was helped into wide circulation in social media by the well known controversial street artist, Banksy. All I can add is simply a determined "Yes":
I'm going to keep a copy of this close to my desk from this day forward.

The other is a photo of the rally in Paris tonight/last night, condemning the terrorism and showing solidarity, holding large, lighted letters that read: NOT AFRAID.
While there are many bad and terrible people in the world there are many, MANY, good as well.
Paris, we stand with you.
You are not alone. Truly.
Je suis Charlie

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