Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gans' "La Belle et La Bête" With English Subtitles/Dubbing? Yes Please!

It still doesn't look like the US or UK have a version we can easily watch (yet!)  BUT Amazon Canada finally has a French version with English subtitles available for pre-order! Yay! (Thank you Anonymous for the tip!)

Before you rush to order though, remember that there will likely be regional restrictions, so unless your player can handle all regions, triple check before spending your hard-earned money.

For those lucky individuals who are fluent in French there are many more choices available:
1) DVD and Blu-ray French only track and subtitles
2) this amazing, limited edition and very gorgeous looking package show at the head of the post and more details below:

Blu-Ray + DVD + Bonus BluRay72 page book of unpublished concept artCommentary by Christophe Gans (Director)Commentary by Louis Morin (Visual Effects Supervisor)Multi-angle feature - Raw film without VFX, storyboards, rough VFX, final movie83 minute making of documentaryDeleted scenes with introduction from Christophe GansYoann Fréget 'Sauras-tu m'aimer' music video
Yep. I want it. I don't care if my French is so rusty I can barely ask for directions anymore - I would dearly love to have this special edition in my library!

The US Amazon site has a lovely packaging picture but a prominent, in red. "Currently unavailable" with no information about a release yet.

One very good sign, however, is that this English-subtitled trailer was released just a week ago. Although it may not be the best looking English subtitling, it's still a big step in an encouraging direction for English-only speakers who have been dying to see this (and actually understand what's being said).

And then this has surfaced as well (get ready Belle et la Bete fans - this is very likely what it will look like when we finally get to see it);

If I get any more tips on a version of this movie being released thats' English audience friendly (with English subtitles at least), I'll be sure to pass them along.

Fairy tale bonus of the day:
Here's an image collection of all the various international posters Pathé films have produced for the movie. The one English one has a date of October 2, though I don't know what that means, or what region/country it's for. It may just take a while to get proper international distribution across the globe, so with an official English poster out there, it does send hope that there will be an English-friendly version available at some point.
This is a really large image - click to see full size!


  1. This looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing..

  2. The listing for the DVD on Amazon Canada lists the format as NTSC, which means U.S. residents *should* be able to watch it, I think. So, that's exciting! Thanks for the updates!

  3. Great :) I can understand a lot of French when it's written down, mainly the more informal blogging language. However, because French is a syllable-timed language, it makes it seem like everyone is speaking at a hundred miles per hour!!

    This will help me get some practice with listening.

  4. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see this:)

  5. Does it worry anyone that the BluRay lists only French subtitles while the DVD lists only English? I would think one of them is wrong and I would guess it's the DVD listing.

  6. There's now a review at which verifies that there are English subtitles. Thanks, PARISRUNWAY!

  7. ...and it looks as though there'll be a June Aussie blu-ray release with English subtitles, and a DVD with English only:

  8. Yup, iTunes Oz has it:

  9. Has anyone seen the deleted scenes?