Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello New Year, Hello New Cinderella Trailer

Well, whaddayaknow? Midnight does change everything.

Happy NewYear!

Wishing you a tale-filled year
(all of which have happily ever afters)
bringing joy, wonder
and magic of the very best kind.

Pause for effect... (Or is that the champagne? Ahem.)

And now the news:

I don't know about you, but I didn't have a hope of catching the new Cinderella #midnight sneak peek that aired last night. But Disney have been kind enough to upload the new trailer today as a little New Year's gift to of all us in that predicament (#guessingmostpeople) and here it is:
*Aside: Isn't it great to be starting the year with fairy tale news that's, well, in the news? I'm going to take that as a very good sign for a fairy tale-filled year.*

Hopefully most of my readers have been better able to keep up with fairy tale news and happenings the past five months or so than I have, but for those who've had normal life get in the way (and are very behind, like me), I thought I'd add these new-ish posters for the upcoming movie as a little New Years Day bonus.
What do you think? They're a little too staged and self-aware for my preference but most everything else about this direct-from-animation-adaptation is looking fairly promising to me. 

As far as I can tell, public reaction is extremely positive and the overall sense is excited anticipation for this movie. And that's a good thing for fairy tale folk.

New Year?
Let the magic continue!

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  1. It almost feels a bit like a deliberate self-parody to me, but... in a good way? Like Enchanted. Helena Bonham Carter is an intriguing choice for the fairy godmother.