Thursday, August 19, 2010

Puss in Steampunk Boots by Matthew S. Armstrong

I'm surprised there aren't a ton more steampunk variations of Puss in Boots around, after all, boots are to steampunk 'almost' what goggles are to steampunk. (ie. iconic)

The title for this piece is "Puss in Steampunk Boots" (aw!) and the artist, Matthew S. Armstrong (also known as 'Matthewart' on deviantArt), wrote a cute caption too:
The classic tale with clockwork ogres and airships. (not pictured) ^_^
I'd definitely pick up that story book! (Hint, hint.)

Matthew S. Armstrong has a very busy career, involved with a wide range of art and subjects in comics, games, picture books and particularly some recent Narnia books (see his Harper Collins Illustrator page HERE). You can see his official site with gallery of different samples HERE. (Be sure to click the 'comics' tab - adorable little stories!)

Matthew's gallery (on deviantArt) concentrates more on the whimsical with picture-book based illustrations (there is some overlap with the website). You can browse and appreciate it HERE and there's a Cheshire Cat too if you love Alice in all her variations.


  1. I agree, there are many fairy tale images that could be re-imagined in a steampunk world. Hmmm, gets me thinking...I love the idea, and yes, Puss In Boots is perfect!
    Shine On!

  2. His work on Santa Claus is also great - ok, I'm prejudiced - I wrote the story - "The Blacksmith's Gift"....