Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mila's Daydreams - One Baby's Imagination Brought to Life

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman's Baby

Beware the Super Cute!

Adele Enerson is one creative mama on maternity leave - she's imagining her super-sleepy baby's dreams and bringing them to life long enough to snap a photo. (Magically without disturbing her sleep - how does she DO that? My son was/is totally anti-sleep and has been since day one...)

The awesome (and seriously cute) blog is HERE with the lovely tag line of: "I'd love to see into your dreams, my little one."

Anyway, Adele has kindly allowed people to blog about her project and to post a couple of photos of hers. But that means I had to choose! Ack! there's such a huge variety so I chose a couple of urban legends/mythic heroes (plus the nesting dolls were a must) but you really need to go look at them all - Mila is a little mermaid, Mary with her lamb, bookworm, sitting on Alice's mushroom and much, much more! You'll want to bookmark it too - there's more being added every few days or so.
Her Super Pinkiness

Adele has also put together an FAQ for all the curious (and all the worried) people out there too. A fun and humorous read.

And here's a lovely video, complete with pretty music by Mila's Daddy, Lasse Enersen (oh my goodness could the sweet get any sweeter?):

There's also a recent ABC World News interview on YouTube from August 5th with Adele and Mila (who fell asleep) HERE.

Looks like a book in the making doesn't it? Bring it on - but, don't grow up too fast Mila! Sleep is good!


  1. OH they are just too cute...I can see mums everywhere making photos of their babes now :)