Saturday, August 14, 2010

Furniture & Home Goods for Colussus (and other Giants)

Did you know local Los Angeles giants (as in ogres and their kin) actually have someone making furniture for them? Well sort of. I'm sure Robert Therrien would be surprised if Jack's nemesis appeared at the workshop and ordered a set of replacement plates but at least he could fulfill the order and keep a troublesome customer happy!
The Los Angeles based artist creates over-sized (REALLY over-sized) plates, tables, chairs, pots and pans and more (which make for awesome photos ops!). You can see more images HERE.

The image above gives me instant Jack and the Beanstalk recall.

From an older exhibit reviewed by

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art – LACMA – presents the exhibition Robert Therrien from February 20 through May 7, 2000. Robert Therrien features six major sculptures, most done within the last five years. Among the newer motifs included in the exhibition are a spiral of fifteen beds, a stack of giant plates and bowls, and three 15-foot fake beards that hang on their stands from armatures that would encircle a monumental pair of ears. A further selection of two- and three-dimensional pieces in a variety of media illuminates the artist’s unique method of developing and recycling imagery.

Did you see the note about the 15 FOOT BEARDS?! This is a guy homo-gigantor-sapiens must love (sorry - not sure of the actual Latin classification of giants). It probably comes as no surprise to learn Mr. Therrien's first exposure to art was comic books. There's an awesome article on him and his wonderful art HERE.
On a related note, looks like some messy teenage giants have been roaming Venice and leaving their chewing gum behind them... (See HERE for some more great - as in both giant and cool - pictures like the one below).
Anyone noticed how we sometimes find evidence of giants (footprints, chewed gum etc) but not the actual giants themselves? Methinks giants must be super-stealthy!

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