Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jack Zipes to Speak on "De-Disneyfying the Fairy-Tale Film"

Professor Jack Zipes, a well known and respected powerhouse in fairy tale studies, is set to speak in Vancouver on March 24th on the subject of fairy tales and film makers, specifically Disney's versions vs other treatments.

From The Grapevine:
Our contemporary concept and image of a fairy tale has been shaped and standardized by Disney so efficiently through the mechanisms of the culture industry that our notions of happiness and utopia are and continue to be filtered through a Disney lens, even if it is myopic. It seems that myopia has come to dominate both reality and utopia, thanks to Disneyfication, or that we are conditioned to view reality and fairy tales through a myopic pseudo-utopian lens. Despite the domination of the fairy-tale film by the Disney Corporation, however, it would be misleading to consider the Disney productions as constituting a monopoly of fairy-tale films, or that they have totally twisted our views of reality and utopia, for there have always been competing films that offer a different vision of fairy tales and social conditions. In this talk Professor Zipes will explore the different endeavors of filmmakers to develop fairy-tale films which essentially propose alternatives to the standard Disney fairy-tale film.
Event details are HERE.


  1. OH! I wish I could go!!! I'm stuck here in MA. *sob*

  2. So glad I found your wonderful blog this morning! I'm a great lover of fairy tales and all that goes with them--I'll be back often...

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!

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