Monday, March 8, 2010

Felicia Day to be Sy Fy's "Red"

Felicia Day is no stranger to werewolves, thanks to her "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" history (she played potential-slayer, Vi, in the final season) and in Sy Fy's fairy tale remake "Red", she gets to play a werewolf hunting descendant of our famous Little Red Riding Hood.

From The Wrap:

Day, a Twitter powerhouse more recently known for her web video series "The Guild," (has signed on for) the Syfy project, dubbed simply, "Red." The movie is set to bow in 2011 and is part of the network's new series of fairy tale reboots, announced last month.

From the Syfy release:

In the action-packed Red, Red (Day) brings her fiancé home, where he meets the family and learns about their business – hunting werewolves. He’s skeptical until bitten by a werewolf. When her family insists he must be killed, Red tries saving him. Red also stars Kavan Smith (Stargate Atlantis) and Stephen McHattie (Watchmen). Red is produced by Angela Mancuso and Vesuvius Productions in association with Chesler Perlmutter Productions.

Felicia Day from her very funny music video from her web series The Guild,
titled "Do You Want To Date My Avatar?"

If you missed "Beauty & the Beast: A Dark Tale" last weekend, it's typical Sy Fy - things tend toward the bloody and gory. The difference is that the (very) happy ending. Certainly not in everyone's taste and "Red" should provide even more opportunity for random arterial spray BUT it does show you what people are aiming for in their entertainment right now: gritty monster fighting (a great metaphor for the difficulties many are facing right now) and Hope (ie. a happy ending). No matter what the interpretation is like, it's a wonderful thing to see people, including adults (these movies are NOT for kids), turning to fairy tales.

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