Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Making Roots

Thank you SO much to all who've commented and emailed in support of our situation here. I really didn't expect any feedback but the number of kind and supportive responses have been amazing and really helped keep our spirits up. Every single comment, note and mail is truly and greatly appreciated by me and mine here. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort.

Update: There really aren't any new developments regarding our living situation except to say the pressure is still on and the clock continues ticking but we are making sure we are pro-active in some way every day, being thankful for the good things. We have high hopes that things will be resolved soon (in the next few weeks) and that we'll leave this chapter behind. I'm just thankful I don't have to relocate an entire shoe's worth of children and convince possible buyers to see (sniff?) beyond the old sock smell!

Thank you again - to everyone - for the support. I hope to be making more regular news posts from here on out until the actual move happens, though there are bound to be a few missed days here and there still - especially on the day I make my toddler that cardboard box castle I've promised him, when everything is unpacked again! Thank you again for your patience and continued readership. This is an awesome and special community.

The lovely paintings in this post are by Kathleen Lolley. She has a wonderful collection of mythic art at her site HERE and at her Flickr account HERE (a must-see if you like owls), including a number of home themed images that take on new meaning for me at present. "Making Roots" particularly exemplifies our current feelings: our house is up in the air but our roots reach beyond that little detail, growing daily stronger as we work on building our Home.

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  1. Oh Gypsy, this is beautiful and brave like your other post about your home. I love everyone's comments too. Since you are going to make a castle with your little boy you might like this: http://annwood.net/blog/category/cardboard-castles
    She also has wonderful boats and owls.