Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Russian Ice Stars' "Snow White On Ice"

This is wonderfully thematic with the Winter Olympics now underway, especially as there are Russian Olympians involved.

Currently touring the UK (and playing in New Theatre, HULL at time of this post) are the Russian Ice Stars in their production of (a very Russian version) of Snow White. By turns dramatic, comedic and gracefully balletic the production apparently uses impressive theatrical effects and athletic circus-type performances. It's also reported to be well rooted in European tales and traditions, making for a very entertaining and fresh Snow White, complete with world class skating.
There's a nice website with information (including details about the skaters, with their incredibly impressive resumes), images and movies HERE.

I've read a number of very favorable reviews but one by Angie Johnson of The Oxford Times was both informative and mentioned the use of symbolism in the story as well as other tales. Here's an excerpt:

With a new take on a classic tale, the Russian Ice Stars were back with their latest spectacular, Snow White. Exploding on to the iced-over New Theatre stage with thrilling skating, it also featured lush costumes and sets, plus some cunning theatrical effects that I can’t work out how they did. The show is very Russian in feel, and this is a very good thing.

...From among the very high-calibre cast I was particularly struck with the performances of Svetlana Kuprina as Queen Drina, the evil stepmother, to the fresh and innocent Snow White of Irina Tkachuk. These two spark off each other brilliantly in their pas de deux, one epitomising darkness and the other light. I was also delighted by the comic turn of Ekaterina Murugova and Sergei Smirnov as geese who lead the abandoned Snow White to the safety of the Woodcutters’ House – they were rather like The Magic Flute’s Papageno and Papegena, ...

You can read the whole report HERE.

Here's a promo clip:

I wish I were able to see this. Hopefully some talented film director, who understands theater and dance, captures it and releases it to DVD.

The Russian Ice Stars are touring the UK with Snow White through till July 2010 (the last few dates and locations are yet to be confirmed).