Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Science of Fairy Tales (Series) - Blowing Down Houses of Straw, Sticks & Bricks

Although we all know how powerful the wind can be in the form of cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes it still seems a little ludicrous to contemplate houses being blown down by a wolf. But maybe we didn't have all the information on the wolf's circumstances.

Maybe he just put his gassy stomach and heartburn to good use!

Take a look at what a bad combination of gases can do when channeled through this snout, er, cannon:

Let's just hope Big Bad doesn't get 'wind' of this. I like my brick house just fine as it is, thank you!

To get Big Bad's side of the story I recommend : "The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs" (as told to Jon Scieszka)NOTE: The lovely 'Big Bad' drawing above is by artist Caroline Trevella. Click on the image or HERE to go to her website and see more enchanting illustrations.

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