Friday, August 7, 2009

Creatures From El

Creatures from myth, legend, fantasy (including some mecha-animals) and fairy tales; they all take shape under the talented hands and fingers of Ellen June a.k.a. "El".From her website:
‘Creatures from El’, the artwork of sculptor Ellen June, was conceived of as a means of rapid sculptural exploration that incorporated an understanding of animal physiology with a love of the fantastic, grotesque and absurd. The consequence has been a prolific sculptural output of original creatures all handmade and painted. Each creature is unique, produced in a fluid, intuitive manner, and never replicated. The first creatures from El, fashioned and sold in late 2005, were constructed exclusively of fired ceramic. Now, this sculptural repertoire has expanded to include polymer clay, epoxie and other mediums all worked by hand in their raw state. In creating each creature Ellen is working towards a level of high craftsmanship and detail, seeking to create narratives which can be extracted by the viewer continually over time.
'Seeking to create narratives"...yes! I find these sculptures are very 'tale-friendly'!
She's both very talented and incredibly prolific! I love that she approaches each creature by starting with a realistic form then going to town on the fantastic aspects. She clearly knows her animal physiology - for a LOT of species! Her galleries are so extensive I'm not certain I've seen everything yet.
No matter your taste in fantastic animals, you're bound to find some piece you like. I've tried to show a range here but it's been so hard to choose and I get lost looking all over again. I suggest you have a look for yourself at her WEBSITE, deviantART site & especially her Live Journal BLOG. You'll see what I mean.

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