Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Look, Same Once Upon A Blog

No, your eyes are not deceiving you - you are still at Once Upon A Blog!

I just decided to do my own icon as I caved in and finally joined Facebook (site is HERE) to help spread the fairy tale news. Then I realized this blog could use a new header too - one that was smaller than the pic there before - so you can see posts as soon as you go to the page.

I tried this first - I mean, you think fairy tales you think fairies, right? (Even though not many fairy tales have ACTUAL fairies in them):But thought it looked a little generic.

Then I realized I had an old silhouette of a cat grinding coffee, from the tale "How Puss Learned to Talk", and thought the idea of a magic cat, grinding out fairy tale news (with a little dash of espresso) was just right for the blog. :)Here's the same header but with the URL added so people can find us.Please feel free to use any of the artwork above to spread the word about the blog and all the great stuff happening. The world needs fairy tales!

And just in case you miss the cute little creature reading up on fairy tale news, please find him still reading below. :)


  1. OK, I loved the old one, but I love this one even more! Why, Because I LOVE cats! Great color choices. You rock!

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