Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Depot's Self Sufficient Fairy Tale Femmes

There's a new advertising campaign for Home Depot to promote their new 'Do-It-Herself' Clinic, the idea being to encourage women to take basic home improvement classes, and it's a nice twist on the usual fairy tale damsel-in-distress advertisers normally use. The designer, Sarah Riddle, has these femmes being truly self-sufficient.

From Trendhunter Magazine:
The campaign features reworked fairytales in which the heroine did a little DIY home improvement to thwart the bad guys. There’s Little Red Riding Hood, who’s just installed locks to keep out the Big Bad Wolf; Rapunzel, who successfully made her own ladder to escape; and Little Bo Peep, who put up a fence to keep her sheep where they belong. Fantastic work!
The direct mailer 'invitation' has a little story about a needy girl who finds her answer by helping herself (thanks to Home Depot of course) ......and the posters show fairy tale heroines taking charge of their situations and looking very smug as a result.This gets a 'bravo' from my book. I do like the combination of urban fantasy meets fairy tale - it's a very satisfying combo.

You can see more of Sarah Riddle's ad campaign work here.

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