Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Fairy Tale Bits & Bytes" - New Fairy Tale Theater Production

From aikenstandard.com:
A computer virus attacks the Big Bad Wolf and Goldilocks tonight in a duel battling for the fate of beloved tales.

The Aiken Community Playhouse Youth Wing will perform a presentation of Garden Theater "Fairy Tale Bits & Bytes" on June 23, 3009, at the Aiken County Public Library in downtown Aiken at 7 p.m.

" 'Fairy Tale Bits & Bytes' is a comedic tale of an evil computer virus who sets out to jumble up - and ultimately destroy - the characters from best loved fairy tales, nursery rhymes and fables. It stars a cast of 19 young actors, most with little or no stage experience; it's a real growth opportunity for many of these young people," said director Tony Baughman. "I sought to cast actors who didn't have much theater experience to offer an opportunity for them to grow confidence, self assurance and theater skills. They are really coming into their own."
Sounds like a fun family production. Break a leg everyone!

Read the rest of the story here.

PLEASE NOTE: The image has nothing to do with the play, except that they both have fairy tale characters dealing with modern scenarios. The books aren't quite as 'family friendly' as the play will be! Here's a little info about the book:

"Sela Mathers is the main character of Grimm Fairy Tales and the essential thread that ties each issue together. She is a beautiful and mysterious professor with the unique ability to transport those she chooses into the fairy tale world in order to teach lessons in morality."

-Grimm Fairy Tales Hardcover volume 1 & 2

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