Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Belle's Library

What's in Belle's library at Walt Disney World in the Epcot France Meet & Greet Pavilion?

Photographer Scott Thomas got a good look, snapped it and shared it in a post.

From his post:

Books from left to right are Little Red Riding Hood, Grimm (as in the Brothers Grimm), Perrault (Charles Perrault, the Frenchman who wrote many French fairy tales including Cinderella - he's the reason we have the glass slipper - it's actually a mistranslation from the old French) and King Arthur. Research done by my Disney trivia lovng and French honor student daughter, Krystal.

Go check out the rest of the details at his blog.

Note: The above photo is from one of the shops in the Epcot France 'district'.

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