Friday, December 2, 2016

'The White Cat' Photoshoot by Baba Studio

Are you familiar with Baba Studio? If you love colorful, luxurious, jewel toned fairy tale things you'll likely bookmark this page, if you haven't already. Baba Studio have some of the most beautifully printed artwork reproductions on bags and clothing we have ever seen. They have a special love of fairy tales, but not your usual collection, so it's worth a browse to see the special things in their store.

In honor of Heidi announcing her soon to be released Puss in Boots and Other Cat Tales from Around the World - a *NEW* addition to the SurLaLune Fairy Tale Series - yay! (we are so excited) - we are sharing this unusual cat fairy tale photoshoot by Baba Studio.
This lovely series was made to promote some of their beautiful scarves and accessories almost a year ago now, but I haven't seen many people pick up on it (apart from Faerie Magazine some time ago). It's unusual in that it's based on the French fairy tale 'The White Cat', except that in this version, the prince is the transformed one. You'd think more fashion outlets would pick up on this tale and be inspired by it - there's so much detail in it, but then, that was also typical of French fairy tales around that time too.

There are many elements of the original tale sprinkled enticingly throughout the scenes in the photos if you look closely. I suggest you read the tale first HERE to refresh your memory so you pick up on all the details the art director added...

Here's a video showing the shoot in process  - which I wish they took more stills of - with a little behind the scenes as a bonus. You can sort of see some of the story being acted out.



  1. that was fun! thanks for posting. i have a few things from baba studios and cherish them...lovely work.

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