Thursday, January 29, 2015

Live Action "Cinderella" Funko Pop Vinyls Coming Your Way

A bit of merchandising that caught my eye...

People go nuts over these pop culture Pop Vinyl figurines and they quickly go "out of print" and become pricey collectibles. I will admit I have a select few of my own...

This is one of those that I have my eye on, set to be released in March as a tie-in for the upcoming Disney/Branagh live action Cinderella remake.

Cinderella will be featured, of course, and I imagine Cate Blanchett, I mean, the Stepmother will get one eventually too, but this little Gus Gus in Cindy's shoe could be useful for any retelling of Perrault's Cinderella, right? ;)

More details HERE.

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