Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lilliputian Brides and Grooms

NOTE: In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day I'm going to post a few fairy tale romance related posts in the next week. There are also some blogs with wonderful fairy tale themed romance posts right now too.
1) Supernatural Fairy Tales has an awesome line-up for the month with movies, reviews, stories and more - all on the fairy tale love theme.
2) Heidi has just announced the SurLaLune Blog will be having a fairy tale romance week too and I'm really looking forward to seeing what she has to show us.
Fairy tales have a lot to teach us about true love - and I'm not talking about love-at-first-sight, though there's that too, along with consequences! - so Valentine's Day is a good time to focus on this aspect and find the good stuff normally overlooked (it's not ALL about happily-ever-after, or at least, not in the way many people think. ;)

It appears there's a new-ish trend in Asian wedding photography: using false perspective in wedding photos to turn brides into Thumbelinas and grooms into Tom Thumbs.

Via Trendhunter:

Girls are always dreaming of a fairytale wedding, and false perspective wedding photos are a way to weave a fairytale-like story through art.

Here's a different couple - the photography isn't quite as good in quality but the photos are still lovely, fun and memorable:
Stylish, sweet and humorous. I love it!

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