Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Timeless Tales Magazine: Arthurian Legends LIVE!

Greetings, fairy tale fans! This is Tahlia, editor of Timeless Tales Magazine, letting you know that our latest issue is ready for your eyeballs' gentle caress 😉. It is chock full of surprising and inspiring retellings of Arthurian Legends. 

We've really tried to capture both the drama and the absurdities of life in King Arthur's court. We promise that you've never seen Camelot like this before! 

  • What if the Sword in the Stone took place among the Aztecs?
  • What if Lancelot met Guinevere in a Starbucks?
  • What if Sir Galahad was actually a woman?
  • What if Merlin was an outlaw in the Wild West? 
  • What if Morgan Le Fay never died, but was reborn over the centuries?

Plus, this issue has two poignant poems written by award-winning author Jane Yolen. You do not want to miss them! Read the entire collection here: 

Here's an excerpt from "Galahad & the Trickster" by Andy Scott:

“Hail,” Galahad called. “P-pardon me, good sir. Pray, tell me, is this still the North Road?”

“This?” the man crooned. He turned and stretched like a cat, his lithe body lounging perilously on the old rickety post. The sign's letters danced and transformed into letters, but were still gibberish.

Galahad gasped. “Demon! B-Be gone, wr-wretch of the infernal abyss.” His voice echoed into the empty forest.

The man leaned back and closed his eyes. “Wuddifahcud, pup … buddahcan’t. All-Father, in his one-eyed wisdom told me I couldn’t leave this hole until the prophecy was fulfilled.”

“Wh-what prophecy, demon? And speak true!” Galahad almost believed his own courage.

The man sighed.

“Odin’s prophecy, dolt. Can’t get around that.” Swinging his legs he sang, “Never shall you see Asgard again, Loki, until a virgin ploughs Yggdrasil’s key from his consummated bed.”

Loki? Galahad’s insides squirmed. He had heard of the ‘gods’ of the North Men. Cruel, pagan demons with brutal rites. He whispered a prayer under his breath, sword still trembling towards at Loki’s neck.

“Y-you said ‘consummated’” Galahad croaked, “but if the bed was consummated the giver couldn’t be a virgin?” 

“You said it, kid.”

“That’s nonsense.”

“That’s gods, for you.”...


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