Sunday, July 16, 2017

GKids Studio Ghibli Fest 2017!

In case you're not aware of it's slid under your radar, don't forget GKids current Studio Ghibli Fest, showing classic Studio Ghibli films in theaters around the US during 2017! 

Studio Ghibli is known for their children's fairy tale/ fantasy films that do, indeed, fit our genre very well. The storytelling is different to Western fairy tales, of course, but is still very accessible to kids of all ages and highly recommended.

You may think: "But I've seen all these, more than once. What's the point?" The answer is that the experience is entirely different on the big screen  - an opportunity that comes along quite rarely - and worth the price of entry.

The showings take place over two days: the first day with English dubbing and the second day with Japanese audio and English subtitles. (We recommend viewing with the original audio and subtitles! It makes a huge difference and both kids who can read and those who can't love the original audio versions too.)
We took the Fairy Tale News Room Little League to go watch 'My Neighbor Totoro' (in Japanese with English subtitles), at the end of June, and are more convinced than ever that this should be considered a fairy tale film and a must-see for children the globe over. All the kids knew the movie so well they thought they'd be bored seeing 'this little kids movie', but came out proclaiming this movie "the best ever!" and back on top of their favorites list ("...the Japanese version!").

Other films coming up are: 
Kiki's Delivery Service - July 23, 24
(If you haven't seen this lovely, magical film, do yourself and kids you know a favor and go see it)
Castle in the Sky - August 27, 28
(A robot in a fairy tale? Yep. Expect to fall in love with him...)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - September 24, 25
(a wonderful eco-sci-fi-fairy tale kids love)
Spirited Away - October 29, 30
(perfect for uplifting Halloween viewing!)
Howl's Moving Castle - November 26, 27
(with Miyazaki's version of Baba Yaga's hut - sort of.)

See you at the movies!

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