Friday, June 23, 2017

Disney's New Short 'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' Brings the Holiday Folklore in Spades

In fact, it brings so many different traditions and holiday folklore to the table it might be considered 'edutainment'. (Not that we're complaining - because we're not. In case that's not clear... okay? Actually, more of these sorts of shorts for the various seasonal celebrations would be ultra awesome. Please!)

Take a look at the trailer and see how many different references you can find, just in this teaser. (We were thrilled to see yule goats included!) And you know there will be more in the full short. Our only query is whether they stuck to Euro traditions or went around the world.
'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' will play in theaters before Pixar's 'Coco', starting November 22nd.

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  1. The story is nothing to write home about, but for a short that's to be expected, it's the execution that matters. It seems to be fun romp through folklore which I vry much like. I also was vaguely reminded of the MLP:FiM Episode Hearthbreakers ( If they stick with European traditions, I'm not too mad, because Frozen is set in Fantasy Scandinavia and since it is paired with Coco that will hopefully off set the eurocentricity. I'm a bit sad that the shorts now seem to get branding too, instead of being an opportunity to experiment, though.