Thursday, June 22, 2017

Advertising: 2018 Toyota CH-R Respins Fairy Tales to Inspire Sales

Some of these are fresher than others, but what's most interesting is that Toyota are using fairy tales at all in this social climate. It's another example of the two extremes that people are being drawn toward right now: either cynicism and reframing everything through the eyes of a 'false fairy tale', or wishing for magic and dreaming for a 'real one'.

 Here's Cinderella: 

Rapunzel (in Spanish):

Red Riding Hood:

 The Gingerbread Man (our favorite): 

The Tortoise and the Hare:

And then there are all these 'bad lip reading of a commercial' spin-offs which take some of the same situations (particularly the gingerbread man ad) and insert largely nonsensical phrases just to keep you watching. Although they don't seem to have anything to do with the fairy tale re-spins, they're enough for any fairy tale writer to pause and wonder if they just might... (you can find all those at the official YouTube channel for Toyota HERE.)


  1. Well, it's certainly more creative than the bad anime dubs Ford is doing. Still, a lot of rtthese ideas have been done before. Also, I'm confused about the Gingerbread man. Did she steal the car in the end? Possibly kill the guy who owned before?

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    2. (Wish you could edit replies!) Since the garage door 'jaws' of the fox close after the ginger guy drives into it, I'm just going to say he stopped running. (Maybe they're on a date... Maybe..) :) Either way, he got outsmarted in the end - just like the original gingerbread man did.

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