Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Other Guy Who Learned the 12 Dancing Princesses' Secret (Comic)

From a comic by Sam aka Charmingly Antiquated
We found this in our web wanderings focused on Twelve Dancing Princesses (the tale of the month for the next Australian Fairy Tale Society Member Exclusive Ezine), and had to share this short but wonderfully different comic, telling the story of the princesses who danced their shoes to pieces and one boy who found out their secret..
From 'Sam' the artist, aka charmingly antiquated:
In the original fairy tale, the princesses drug a whole lot of hopeful would-be princes, fully aware they’ll be executed in the morning. and then they dance all night, every night, so hard they shred their shoes. that’s…always unsettled me a bit. the princesses might not be actively malicious, but they’re not really kind, either, and they’re definitely not human.  
What always surprised me the most, though, is the guy who sees these casually murderous dance machines and goes ‘i wanna marry one’ instead of ‘f- this sh*t i’m out’. so this is the comic about that other guy.
And we will never see the tale the same way again. Sleep tight! (Except for those who will be dancing all night...)

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  1. You know, in the Hungarian version, the princesses are explicitly said to be witches, and the king ends up burning them at the stake. Normally, I'd admit the princesses would have had it coming, but it is ironically one of the few versions where the boys who failed aren't beheaded or killed. That said, the youngest turns out to be innocent and gets to marry the hero.