Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Once Upon A Time "Dream Loot Crate" - Gift Subscription Boxes We'd Like To Send to Our Fairy Tale Friends

Apparently we've been outed as Fairy Tale Geeks, and we couldn't be more proud.

Of the many breeds of geeks and gamers around (eg. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Mario, Star Wars etc) there's one thing we all have in common: we delight to receive gifts reflecting our fandom and obsession, and Loot Crate is making geeks happy everywhere, as their 'crates' hit their doormats every month or two.

What is a Loot Crate? Loot Crate is a fairly new monthly box subscription and gift service, in which the recipients receive a magical box full of surprise 'loot' on the chosen theme.
Unlike other pop culture geeks, who often have a large array of merchandise and collectibles to choose from, fairy tale geeks don't usually have quite that option... Or at least  we didn't until ABC spawned Once Upon A Time and the passionate fandom associated with it, which in turn created a demand for all things 'Once', both in mainstream marketing and via private enthusiastic artisans and crafters.

When Loot Crate asked Once Upon A Blog to create a "Dream Loot Crate" on a theme that fit with our blog, it wasn't long before we realized this would be a good time to showcase some of the Once Upon A Time variety that most fairy tale folk would be happy to receive, whether they were "Oncers" or not. Not only that, if Loot Crate likes our Dream Crate suggestions, they might even make that theme one of the available choices for the subscriptions!

Can you imagine getting a box full of fairy tale bits and pieces every couple of months or so?

We had to give it a go*.
We opted for eight unusual-but-awesome things a friend of a fairy tale fan might put together for a special gift box, so, if you feel inspired to shop for the Holiday Season from our selection, this is a totally collectible combo. (Only eight? We totally could have made a twenty item box - there are so many treasures to choose from! - but, again, opted to limit it to a package-combo that might fit in a regular mail box... hint, hint Loot Crate!)

We also read somewhere that Loot Crate likes to encourage smaller business as well as niche gamer/geek merchandise, like those little stalls you see at ComiCon, so we decided we'd put together two Once Upon A Time "Dream Crates", one using available merchandise from retailers, and the second being an Etsy version, with custom and handmade items.

Here are the details of our picks:


Once Upon A Time Dream Crate (Popular Merchandise)
1. OUAT Pillow Case no filling (for sweet dreams)
2. Official OUAT Classic Fairy Tales volume Illustrated by Kevin Tong (because every fairy tale crate should include a tale or two!)
3. Alice & the White Rabbit Working Pocket Watch Necklace (for good times)
4. Funko Pop Snow White Forest Outlaw (to challenge your princess stereotypes)
5. Magic Beans OUAT Glowing Glass Replica Pair (to take you to castles in the clouds - budget-friendly version HERE)
6. Belle's Chipped Teacup (because "sometimes the best teacup is chipped")
7. Tin 'Welcome to Storybrooke' Sign 8.5 x 11" (your new home - for ever after)
8. Rumpelstiltskin 'Dark One' Dagger Letter Opener (for challenging mail)

Once Upon A Time Dream Crate (Etsy)
1. Handmade OUAT Red Riding Hood Funko Pop (not available in the official Funko Pop line)
2. OUAT Drawstring/Dice Bag (hand-made, embroidered!)
3. OUAT Official Red's Untold Tale (OK, not Etsy but many available via Ebay.. gotta include a tale)
4. Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin's "Every Magic Comes With a Price Dearie" 3 Engraved Pencils Set
5. Fan designed "ONCE - Believe In More Than Can Be Seen" custom printed t-shirt (black or white)
6. Toll/Troll Bridge Sign (Digital Print Download)
7. Birch Tree Background (Regina's Wallpaper) Blanket/Throw with 'Magic Is Coming' or 'I Will Always Find You' or "Magic Always Comes With A Price'
8. Faux Leather OUAT Henry's Book phone cover/flip-case

Putting together a imaginary gift box for fairy tale friends was wonderfully therapeutic after such tense US election. Thinking of what people might like to make them smile, instead of focusing on the division that clearly exists in the country, was a good thing to do, and a good transition to start considering gift season.

Should we create a general fairy tale box of gifts for your gift giving consideration? Perhaps we shall. In the meantime, for all the geeks and gamers in your life, Loot Crate may have just made life a little easier for you with their selection. (And we hear there will be a Fantastic Beasts crate coming very soon!)
A monthly mystery crate for pop culture fans filled with incredible and exclusive items and apparel from your favorite tv shows, movies, games, and more! Over $45 value in every crate!
* What's usually in a Loot Crate? About 6 to 8 cool surprises. Typical items include:
- a t-shirt (or any piece of art you'd want on the shirt)
- a small toy-like item
- another wearable item like a beanie, scarf or jewelry piece
- a smattering of little objects like stickers, pins, office supplies etc
The value tends to range from about $20 total up to $100 total, depending on the type of loot box and subscription you choose. 


  1. This is a neat idea. I'm not a Oncer and I never quite tumbled to the idea of Lootcrate (never was crazy about the idea of someone sending me a random Funko Pop every month. I only like certain ones). But I like the idea of someone sending me neat fairy tale stuff and I like the idea of trying to design a crate even more.