Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'The Little Mexmaid' by Cristina de Middel

As Mexican girls celebrate their coming of age at 15, when the Little Mermaid reaches this milestone she is officially be considered an adult and will be able to access the outside world of grown-up humans (Picture: Cristina de Middel/Nikon) 
Since we're (still) on the subject of The Little Mermaid, and specifically updating the classic story with modern and relevant-to-girls today themes, I thought this would be a good time to share a photo series I recently saw and bookmarked to share.

Nikon challenged three award wining photographers from different countries to update a classic fairy tale. The catch was they could only use four photos to do this and to tell a new version of the story. The stories chosen were Red Riding Hood, Snow White and The Little Mermaid. While the Red Riding Hood results were fun and had an interesting statement, (which you can see HERE) my favorite series by far was The Little Mermaid.

The photographer who chose The Little Mermaid was from Spain and on a recent trip to Mexico felt the fairy tale related very well to the coming of age traditions she saw being celebrated there. Cristina de Middel said she was inspired by the fiesta de quinceañera, or the introduction of a 'debutante' to the adult world, which is traditionally celebrated on the 15th birthday for girls, in Mexico.
Of her theme she said: ‘I saw first-hand the fascinating rites of passage in Mexico, and it reminded me instantly of the classic coming-of-age love story in The Little Mermaid.’
Middel titled her series The Little Mexmaid (which, incidentally, feels really weird to write. I presume Nikon wouldn't have published this title if there was an issue...). The first photo is at the head of the post, the rest are below and the photographer's captions are below each one:
Upon arrival in the human world, the Mermaid trades her fishtail for legs so she can experience what it feels like to be an adult woman. She goes to the Salon Los Angeles, a famous venue in Mexico City for ‘Sweet 15′ celebrations (Picture: Cristina de Middel/Nikon) 
The mermaid meets a Prince, who is a traditional Mexican Mariachi. The couple dance and she falls deeply in love with him. (Picture: Cristina de Middel/Nikon) 
Eventually rejected by the Prince for a Princess of the human world, the Little Mermaid sacrifices herself for love by exploding into fireworks. (Cristina de Middel/Nikon)

Here's the series altogether. Pretty poignant stuff:

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