Friday, May 2, 2014

You Know You're a Fairy Tale Blogger When...

Graphic by Gypsy using Dore's illustrations & Debbie's vintage dust jacket project from Confessions of a Plate Addict
(text is the opening lines of Le Chat Botté)

I got tagged by Kristin from Tales of Faerie, so now it's my turn:

Gypsy's list:

You feel it's your job to watch ALL THE FAIRY TALE SHOWS every week (and movies too)
You get annoyed that googling "fairy tale" leads to sports stories at least half the time
You feel over saturated by Disney stuff/content and yet you have to read it/check it out just in case...
- Any time you have to buy shoes you get very self conscious that someone will think, that you think, that you're really a princess
- You have always owned, and will always own, a red hoodie
- ... and feel a little bit self conscious/rebellious every time you wear it.
You find ways to relate every conversation to fairy tales
You're pretty sure you wouldn't be too surprised if an animal came right out and spoke to you
You have multiple copies of Grimm's, Andersen's & Perrault's tales but cannot get rid of a single volume
You have a dream to own the complete AT index one day
You always have the urge to add a witch when making gingerbread houses
- ... and feel guilty eating gingerbread men.
- Your TBR pile is actually a mountain
You regularly have 14 tabs (or more) open at once for articles and stories you MUST blog on
- Your drafts folder is full of placeholder topic titles with one-liners/single paragraphs and half-complete essays on fairy tale issues so you won't forget to blog on them... (-sigh-)

Now tagging... HEIDI at SurLaLune!

Fairy tale bloggers' confessions so far (updated as they appear...):
What is this? From Kristin, of Tales of Faerie:After having a fairy tale blog for years, it really starts to bleed into the rest of your life. Gypsy from Once Upon a Blog and I have been enjoying sharing some of these unique results of our bloggerhood and thought some of you might also have some funny and interesting things to share as well!


  1. Thanks, Gypsy! Loved your answers and was relieved that most were different from mine since I wrote my own before you posted. I'm grateful you watch all of the fairy tale shows every week so I don't have to! Here's my post at

  2. I actually relate to so many of these it's easier to count the ones I don't do . . . which is, I don't own a red hoodie. At the moment!

  3. I agree heartily to the point that I crazy quilt them too!
    Does a whole shelf of OZ books count?
    If it does I have 3. not bad for a novice.

  4. Mine's up!

    I will admit to embellishing one or two (I don't really own that many Andrew Lang books). Most of them are true, though.

  5. I'm following the line of links on this topic. "You always have the urge to add a witch when making gingerbread houses." LOL. I just might have to do this next time we make one. Too funny.