Saturday, May 3, 2014

3 New (& Wildly Different) "Maleficent" Promos With Lots of New Footage

It's Maleficent month! And the ramp-up to the release is expected to intensify.

Already we have three new official promo trailers released but they're not necessarily what you might expect.

The first, and least favorite of mine, has some odd sort of animation included at the beginning (animation that's NOT from the classic) and the voice over is female, but neither Maleficent or Aurora. There's a teensy bit of new footage here that might still interest though:
And the second, which is possibly my favorite, seems to bean exclusive to some show, and includes an interview with Angelina Jolie, in which she talks about Diaval, her (literal) wingman. This shows us quite a bit more:
(My son says her smile looks like Harley Quinn's. He may not be far off on that parallel to some degree!)

The third is a little behind-the-scenes peek at some of Aurora's scenes with a brief commentary by Elle Fanning, talking about the movie, the classic and her playing the role of Sleeping Beauty:
Here's a little more behind-the-scenes info from Elle Fanning in an interview she had with CoverMedia (I believe) in which she says she relates a lot to Sleeping Beauty. Excerpts that might interest fairy tale folk are below:
Q: You’ve taken this role very seriously, this Disney princess?
FANNING: A little bit just because I know there are so many fans of the animated movie and I don’t want to let them down; I want to do it the right way. This is the first film they ever did with Sleeping Beauty played by a person so before I started filming I went and I watched the animated movie again just because I wanted to. She has a very specific gait; her posture is very good and has little hand motions and I wanted to be sure I incorporated it in the same way that she walks and holds her dress so I tried to bring that into my version of Sleeping Beauty.
Q: What does it mean to you to play a character that represents beauty?
FANNING: It was very exciting. Also I felt that hers is a type of beauty that is a natural beauty; she is not making herself up, she’s not doing her hair or putting lipstick on. She lives out in a cottage with her three aunties who take care of her; they make her dresses so she has her own clothes, her hair is down other than maybe she puts some flowers in it. And yeah, during the filming I wore a wig but it wasn’t much make up. It very natural and so I liked that I was kind of representing natural beauty instead of an all done up kind of beauty.
Q: How much do you identify with her?
FANNING: I do identify with her. I guess a lot in some ways but in other ways I don’t at all. There’s one scene where she is probably the most pure and innocent princess just because she is trapped away and when she meets the prince for the first time she has never seen a male before in her life because she is so cut off. I think her curiosity comes through. I have always wanted to learn things and I try to find everything I can and absorb all I can and in that way we are alike. She wants to learn about everything.
Q: How is the relationship between Maleficent and Aurora?
FANNING: It’s different. Our story is Sleeping beauty and it has all the iconic images that you think off when you think of the animated film but there is a lot more to it; all the questions that you have when you are watching the animated film are pretty much answered in Maleficent. And also you get to see Maleficent and Aurora together a lot in the movie. All my scenes are basically with Angelina and in the animated film they are never together. You just see her when she curses at the christening so you get to see that.
You can read the whole interview HERE.

Although I do love seeing new footage and finding out more information I do hope the movie has a lot of reveals yet to come...

And I want a making of and behind-the-scenes book, with tons of info on the fairy tale research each department underwent please!


  1. Here's a link to some cool new hi-res photos that just popped out today. I thought of your blog instantly and wanted to share them with you and your readers. :D

    1. Thanks Adam! Always glad to be kept in the loop. I made a conscious decision not to post on Maleficent today (there are new posters too), just because I seem to be doing that a lot and try to mix it up, but I'll admit, I'm really tempted. I will force myself to wait until tomorrow... maybe. ;)

    2. :D Cool beans. Disney certainly knows how to flood the market with their product. I'm already seeing a ton of merchandise out there.