Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Snow White's Scary Adventures Come To An End

On May 31st, Snow White took people on her scary adventures ride at Walt Disney World for the very last time. As of June 1, 2012 Orlando will no longer have Scary Adventures due to the expansion of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Said by many to be the best of all the Snow White attractions and rides around the world, including those in Anaheim, Tokyo and Paris, this is a sad time for many fans of the ride and the movie.

No one will be sadder than Ben, born in 1993 with autism. It wasn't until he went on the Snow White's Scary Adventures ride in WDW at age nine that he finally started communicating and being "present" with regard to the world around him. He has since been on the ride almost 3200 times. You can read his touching story, in four very readable parts, starting HERE (links provided too the next sections).

HERE, written by Ben's mother father (sorry Ron!), is a retrospective on the attraction, complete with some great video comparisons that help to explain why Florida's Scary Adventures were unique and special.

Although I never had the privilege to go on the Orlando version of the ride, the Disneyland version is one of the few attractions that not only brings back the experience of watching the movie but immerses you within it. I gather the experience in Orlando did this to a much greater extent and, personally, don't truly understand why they didn't just revamp/update the attraction (if they had to at all) with all the immersive technology now available.

The awesome and amazing Filmic Light blog (which is THE place to visit for all things regarding Disney's first feature animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) has a special post with a rare glimpse at the SWSA ride with the lights on. You can see it HERE.

It's one of the last rides that has its roots in what Walt approved for the original Disneyland so there's a large chunk of history disappearing as I write. The attraction is being replaced, ultimately, by the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster ride, complete with cutting-edge technology and due to open in 2014. It is, however a "ride" and not an attraction as per Scary Adventures so I feel that's a loss, though Snow White will still be represented in some form. While Walt meant - the best way - for the park to be ever evolving, to have it happen like this isn't probably what he had in mind. The space where Scary Adventures entertained people for over 40 years will host the new Princess Fairytale Hall, a Disney Princess meet-n-greet spot...
(Really?? I'm just... gagging.)


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  2. This is sad news!!! I love the Snow White ride!!! :-/

    Disneyland has a much better and larger fantasyland than Disney World... I guess this is going to further shrink it in Florida...


  3. Thank you for talking about Ben. I wrote a series of six posts about Ben's last night with Snow White's Scary Adventures, you can read them all starting with SWSA Final Night - Prelude - there are links at the end of each post take you to the next one.

    BTW - I am Ben's dad, not his mom. He has a great mom, she loves him very much, but she didn't write these posts.

  4. @Ron My apologies! I got confused and in my effort to clarify wrote the wrong parent.. so sorry! Fixing it now.

  5. Snow White's Scary Adventures was a very touching ride and will be dearly missed. May God bless Disney World for this huge mistake they caused by closing the ride. It sure was outdated, and animatronics were just run-down, but Disney World didn't "have the money" to reconsider this mistake and update. This is just wrong. They make easily $4,000 just from a family of 3 for the week. It's ridiculous, and yet they have to delete attractions. I am just truly disappointed. Snow White I thought was a staple to the Disneyland, and Walt Disney World resort. Apparently, Florida can care less about what fans want, just like Toad, and 20K. I love the new expansion, but it's called an expansion for a reason. Not to delete, but ADD. Toontown Fair is gone too... Disney has made 2 MAJOR mistakes shutting down this attraction, and area. It's like Eisner all over again! This ride was OLD, and I meant it when I said it, SERIOUSLY RUN-DOWN. But your right... A MEET AND GREET!? WHAT THE HECK!! They just needed an update... Some people like gentle and fright, not THRILL AND SCREAMING. Leave some things be Florida, or I'm not gonna go.
    ~Pianostar :)