Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Futuristic Snow White by Meghan Boehman

"The 3rd in my Snow White series. This shows the Huntsman, under orders from the evil queen, leading Snow White into the woods to cut out her heart."
I'm always very happy to discover talented new artists and Ms. Boehman has me doubly so since she's focused so much of her portfolio's attention on the fairy tale of the year, Snow White (though she first posted them in mid 2011). Her interpretation, however, is a very different from what we usually see and provides a somewhat unusual lens for the story. 

From her profile HERE:
I am a college student studying Film and Animation at Rochester Institute of Technology. I love to paint on Photoshop and I especially enjoy fantastical or futuristic designs. While I hope to pursue a career in animation, painting and design work will always be my passion.
As a student, Ms. Boehman is already proving someone we should keep an eye on. (I particularly like her The Huntsman piece.) I do hope that, as she continues along the path to professional artist that she considers painting different versions of other fairy tales too.
"The second in a series of 3 futuristic Snow White paintings. This depicts the evil queen in front of the enchanted mirror." 

It's no secret Snow White is a favorite tale of mine and has been since I was little. It's also no secret that for all its faults I also still very much love Disney's version as well, though that also has to do with it's milestones in art in film. But yes, even so I've quite had it with all the Disneyfied versions of the tale (which are diluted in the extreme even from Disney's version if you stop and compare) and the sweet, sweet Snow Whites churned out since that are completely passive, guileless and guiltless (something which I never saw, not even in the Disney version - but that's a whole other post..).

If for no other reason, this is the reason I've been so interested in the film Snow White and the Huntsman, because it's (finally!) breaking this social mindset people seem to have of SW and of the fairy tale. It's during these times, when people are for once taking a real look at this character and seeing her potential and how much she relates to them as a real person, that works of art that have been doing just that for so long, finally get noticed. As such, this is a perfect time for Ms. Boehman to have her art seen - because it will "be seen" in the real sense. I wish her every success.
"This is the first of a series of 3 that I did of the fairy tale "Snow White". It depicts Snow White in her glass case as the prince first discovers her. I used this opportunity to reinvent the fairy tale by challenging myself with a futuristic design, something I had never attempted before."
You can see more of Meghan Boehman's work at the CG Society HERE and she also has work for sale in her Etsy store, "The Seven Dwarves", HERE.


  1. LOVE these!! So beautiful and imaginative! I particularly love the seven adorable robots hanging out around the glass coffin/tube. Aww! How clever. Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Noooooo :O Tis so pretty and original :D

  3. @Marissa Meyer I can see why you might like these! ;) What do you think? Red hot iron shoes = radiation nanodes injected into her feet...?

    @Carrie at in the Hammock Blog & @Lady Lovescraft Glad you're enjoying the blog. :)

  4. I just discovered this post. Thank you so much for posting about my art! I'm so glad that someone enjoys it, and especially my snow white paintings. Snow White has always been one of my favorite fairy tales. While animation has been taking over my life of late, I would love to do more futuristic fairy tale paintings in the future. Any suggestions?