Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman Pinterest Challenge

Tomorrow (just a few hours away) is release day for Snow White and the Huntsman. It's a pretty big day for the fairy tale community and for those who love the Snow White tale in particular. Both Heidi at the SurLaLune Blog and at Megan at The Dark Forest blog have posted on why it's such a big deal so I won't repeat it all (just go read the wonderful posts) but suffice it to say: 
This is THE big fairy tale feature film of 2012 across the board.
(Pixar's Brave will be really big too but that's specifically aimed at families, this one is 'mainstream')
How the press and public react will have an effect on fairy tale things to come in the immediate future.
(And yes - we really, really hope it's good!)
In the meantime, for those like me who won't get a chance to be part of the theater-going/merchandise-buying hype you can still participate. If you're on Pinterest there's a competition which may just be up your alley (and it's free to enter!). The deadline is June 4 so there are a few days still left to enter. Here are the rules:
If you do enter, please leave a link to your board in the comments. We want to see your fairy tale inspirations!


  1. I was wondering when we'd start seeing more marketing teams making use of Pinterest. What an interest promotion idea...

  2. I am really excited after watching this its a great strategy to promote pinterest...

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  3. @Marissa & @Jacob It was a really good and fun promo idea. It was also harder than I would have thought, trying to come up with something as an alternate (I think that's the right word) to Ms. Atwood's costumes. Even not having seen the film I already knew too much about the design aspect to not be a little intimidated. Excellent creative stretch though.