Thursday, May 31, 2012

hitRECorderly Issue #1: "Little Red Riding Hood Redux"

I can't say too much except that if you are interested in what artists in all fields today are doing with fairy tales AND if you're specifically interested in Red Riding Hood, go grab a copy of this new magazine/record-ly (category currently undefined) NOW - before the 2 000 copies sell out!

Here's a little promo video by Joseph Gordon-Levit, posted yesterday, which I suggest you watch all the way through despite it appearing quite rough at the outset. You'll understand why I'm keeping this post uber-short and hurrying to give you the opportunity to grab a copy for yourself.

Here's the official blurb:

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Look what I just got my hands on --- the very first issue of The hitRECorderly, our brand new subscription series!
"Little Red Riding Hood Redux" is our inaugural issue and I'm really proud of this gorgeous full-color book the hitRECord community and I have created together. I really love when the stuff we work on together becomes a physical record. 
This book we made is based on an adaptation I did of the original Brothers Grimm fairytale (which is sexist as all fuckin hell!) Our version's got a different take on the story and we've packed this book with feminist essays and various reactions to the new tale. 
I loved JulesKD's "But What If I Want To Be Eaten?" record so much I just had to do a little reading of it in this here video. :o) 
You gotta hurry and order your copy as these are a limited edition run of 2,000 so get it while the getting's good! 
Single copies are available in The RECord Store for $20, but you'll save cash by subscribing to The hitRECorderly and you'll get a new issue every season! 
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Thanks Again!
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