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#Folktaleweek Picks of Day 5: "Darkness" (Pt II)

 IG @vixhornerartist Folktale Week prompt ‘darkness’
 meant to be viewed as a double page spread 👩🏻‍🦰🍄🐺#folktaleweek2019 #folktaleweek

Note: We didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to DARKNESS yesterday so rather than update the original post, we decided to create a PART II.

A whole work-week of discovering folktales and fairy tales and new ways of looking at old ones - and two prompts still to go! All the #FolktaleWeek and #FolktaleWeek2019 info is HEREThe link shows the posts collected by hashtag and you can see an enormous sampling of the myriad mediums and styles being created in. (Prepare for lots of scrolling! There are hundreds of wonderful things to see!) You can also see a small selection of the MANY posts that have appeared for each day so far:
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Friday        - DARKNESS Pt I HERE

Continuing Friday's prompt for DARKNESS.

NoteToday it was interesting to see the numerous interpretations of Snow White! Not too surprised to continue seeing Baba Yaga, but we obviously don't mind that at all. As expected, we saw a lot of wolves and ravens but the tales artist actually researched to find for the prompt ended up being wonderfully varied.

As a reminder, we chose for different styles, unusual scenes of known tales and most often, lesser-known tales wonderfully done.

Enjoy - artist credits, and any pertinent notes made by them for their work, are below each image.
IG @painterwitch
Artist comment: Today's folktale week prompt is "darkness" so I drew some of my favorite characters, the tommyknockers from the mines of the British isles and the American West.
IG @neelydaggett
Artist comment: Folktale Week - Day 5: Darkness - For the prompt, darkness, I chose the Japanese story called, The Moon Maiden. My illustration has a slight PNW vibe but I think it still works! 😊 The story goes that a woodsman and his wife longed for children but couldn’t have any of their own. One evening the sad wife sees a glimmer of moonlight at the top of Mt. Fuji and asks her husband to go find out what it is. When he gets there he finds a child (princess moonbeam) sent from the Moon maiden to soothe his sad wife’s heart. The child brings them happiness for many years. ✨💫🌙
IG @joana.a.ricardo_ilu
Artist comment: Day 5 of #folktaleweek — "Darkness" - Another Russian fairy tale. This time it's Vasilisa the Beautiful in the house of Baba Yaga. Watercolours.
IG @catmadness
Artist comment: Day 5|7 of #folktaleweek2019. “Darkness” 🖤

IG @paola.camma
Artist comment: day 5 #darkness @folktaleweek Today I take my inspiration from Snowwhite! ...Meanwhile, the poor girl was left alone in the thick of the darkness forest, and was so afraid that she looked around bewildered, not knowing what to do; then she began to run... 
IG @yasmin.illustrations
Artist comment: N/A
IG @annytwinkle
Artist comment: Folktale week, day 5 #darkness Держитесь, ребята! ⚡️ (Hold on guys!)
IG @martadorado
Artist comment: (5/7) "Dear Moon" answered the woman "you cannot shine in this bright sky, for there cannot be light without some #darkness." So the woman cut her long black hair and made a blanket of night for the moon... #thewisewomanandthemoon
IG @marjolaineroller
Artist comment: #darkness Here's #bluebeard beginnings : #weddingday
I tried several poses for bluebeard : more dynamic, even one with a knife but I found the most dramatic one was standing still, not showing anything of his madness. This chills me out the most...😳😰
IG @noteswithscribbles
Artist comment: DARKNESS - The Six Swans story is told without emotion, so I tried putting some back in for the #darkness the character experiences when having her newborns taken away and blood is smeared on her mouth. When have fairytales ever been for children? This one seems like another way for women to talk about loss.
IG @silke.ilustriert
Artist comment: N/A
IG @robi_spettoli
Artist comment: "Darkness" for #folktaleweek2019 ♥️ #vassilissa #vassilissalabella #folktaleweek #skull 
IG @johannapolle
Artist comment: N/A
IG @nanofevrier
Artist comment: Day 5 "Darkness" - Sorry to come with another dark story again, I promise tomorrow's tale will be more light-hearted! Not difficult to do after this one... This tragic tale is set in the Italian mountains where a princess and her son live in a castle next to a large lake. Despite the warnings of an old fisherman who told the princess the weather can change fast and drastically, the princess offers a rowing boat to her son. As her son is rowing his boat in the middle of the lake, the waters suddenly turn as black as ink and the sky darkens... A storm is coming from behind the mountains. The old fisherman jumps on his boat to try to save the boy, but, it's too late. The princess orders to have the lake emptied and they find the two bodies resting at the bottom. She dies of despair within the next year, refusing to eat... -  Yep, all this cruel tale to explain how this particular valley was formed and why its name is "Pierced-heart". (I read the story in French from a book I had as a kid about rivers and lake legends, and the name of the lake is "Crève Coeur" but I haven't found anything online about this legend...)
IG @amorphophallus_titanium
Artist comment: kafigeledjo for #darkness prompt of #folktaleweek2019. i suggest you look up images of these fascinating ritual objects. according to metmuseum (take any anthropologist’s words with a heaping teaspoon of salt though): “A hybrid creation that lies outside the realm of anything recognizable in nature, this oracle figure deliberately provokes anxiety through its shrouded anonymity and the sense of suffocation and entrapment it suggests.“ #folktaleweek
IG @happymousestudio
Artist comment: Day 5 of #folktaleweek - darkness. Originally I had decided to create a dark floral pattern but as I was drawing it, I suddenly started thinking of people living in a flower world and wandering around with lanterns at night. Sometimes it's funny to see where your imagination goes when you're doodling.⁠
IG @meomade
Artist comment: For the fifth day of #folktaleweek the prompt is "darkness."  - Little Red loses track of time picking flowers and it starts to get dark....forest creatures watch as she hurries down the path to Grandma's house. (Also this is legit my nightmare...) ⁠ ⠀⁠⠀
IG @cinderellasews
Artist comment: Folktale Week Day 6: “Darkness” 🖤 - Totally inspired by The Evil Queen from the folktale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” I wanted to illustrate the Queen’s heart being enveloped (or maybe emerging from) dark magic, and give a nod to her magic mirror with “dragon scales” mixed into the shimmering black ✨Her alchemy scenes in the Disney movie have always been my favorite🖤 I wanted to have a secret lair with a chemistry set and magical spell books where I could make potions 🧪 of course—now I have a kitchen where I brew teas and make lotions, so—wish came true? 🤷‍♀️😅 . - This was also inspired by the heart-ripping action of the Evil Queen’s expanded story within ABC’s Once Upon a Time show—Regina Mills is my favorite character ❤️
IG @artbybirdie
Artist comment: ‘’This way! Follow me friend!’’ This is a spin on the Swedish tale of Lyktgubbe. Traditionally, lyktgubbe is a trickster with a lantern who wanders the land and tries to make people lose their way in the forest. Lyktgubbe translates roughly into ‘’the lantern man,’’ but as you can see here my version is a fox (just because!). We will call him lykträv instead :)
IG @ma._mind
Artist comment: i have interpreted a classic for the theme •darkness• can you guess the fairy tale? swipe to see wich messy style i illustrate if i have no sketch. 🖤🌙
IG @fraeuleineichhorn
Artist comment: Folktaleweek Day V: Will Marie jump down into the "darkness" of the well not knowing that it leads to Mother Hulda? 🤔🌨 
IG @uhmanda_h
Artist comment:  Folk Tale Week| Day Five: DARKNESS - Thor! Norse Mythology! My favorite illustration so far! At Ragnarök, the great end-battle of the Norse gods, Thor fights the giant sea serpent of Midgard. The serpent’s wicked venom is deadly and black as pitch, and unfortunately for Thor, can be spat out in vast quantities. His last moments are spent in darkness, swept up in a tidal wave of black poison. ☠️ (thanks @neilhimself for the deliciously descriptive version of this myth)
IG @leonora_camusso
Artist comment: The fifth prompt of the #folktaleweek is: darkness - One day, in the mountains of Val Troncea (in Piedmont, in the Northwest of Italy) Count Trucchetti was ascending, accompanied by his minstrel, when, in an opening between the rocks, he saw a beautiful fairy. He fell hopelessly in love and followed her into the darkness of the cave where she lived, and swore eternal love. The minstrel tried to follow him, but the mountain magically closed behind the two lovers. As time passed the Count regretted his choice. After asking the fairy the permission to leave the cave, the Count went to a prelate to ask for forgiveness. But the religious, rebuked him and said that he would forgive him only if his pastoral flourished. That night, the religious dreamed of a pastoral surrounded by dry leaves, and realized he was wrong in refusing forgiveness. But now it was too late, and the count had already returned to the cave. It is said that sometimes on these slopes you can see a man with ancient clothes and a long white beard: he is the faithful minstrel, waiting for the return of the Count.
IG @imogenfoxell
Artist comment: Godfather Death for #folktaleweek #darkness. When Death's godson breaks the laws of nature, Death carries him down to his cavern of candles, each one representing a human life...
IG @paululadesign
Artist comment: " "When the king's daughter saw that there was no more hope to change her father's mind, she made the decision to run away. During the night, while everyone was asleep, she got up and took three things from among her valuables: a golden ring, a little golden spinning wheel, and a little golden reel. She put the three dresses from the sun, moon, and stars into a nutshell, put on the cloak of all kinds of fur, blackened her hands and face with soot. Then surrendering herself to God, she set forth." Inspired by "All kinds of fur" / Allerleirauh
IG @babushkina_irra
Artist comment: Darkness - When you are not alone the darkness becomes treasure-filled.
IG @mariebllmnn
Artist comment: The fifth prompt for #folktaleweek2019 is DARKNESS. And what better way to illustrate this than with the church grim? This large Black dog of British folklore is a Nocturnal apparition or sometimes a shapeshifter. It is said that if a dog is buried first in a new church or cemetery that has been built, its ghost will guard this churchyard forever.
IG @mary.z_art
Artist comment: Day 5 of #folktaleweek2019 DARKNESS ~~~ #behindthedoor #folktaleweek
IG @proto_ra
Artist comment: N/A (Ed.: This is for the Russian tale the Swan Geese)
IG @mutty_phyliber_art
Artist comment: Remember that terrible tale where Vasilisa was sent for fire to Baba Yaga?
IG @taylormoddyillustration
Artist comment: Folktale Week Day 5: Darkness... Snow White ran terrified through the dark woods. It felt as if hundreds of eyes peered at her through the darkness... #folktaleweek2019 #folktaleweek #papercrafts
IG @elleasparuhova
Artist comment: No mountain and no darkness will stop me coming back home to you... Folktale Week day 5 - Darkness
IG @natelledrawsstuff
Artist comment: Day 5 prompt for Folktale Week is DARKNESS; yesterday we discovered Hungry Ghosts, today it is the Hopping Zombie! 🧟‍♀️ Folktales of the hopping zombie (called "Jiangshi") are so popular that there is actually a genre of films inspired by them, just like english postapocolyptic zombie movies! I remember watching them when I was a kid 😱 Although admittedly, the hopping zombies are a little more hilarious than other zombies...🤣 🧟‍♀️ Origin story: A long long time ago, the family members of recently deceased people who could not afford transportation services for their dead would turn to priests for help. The priest would reanimate the dead family member at night time, and walk the zombie all the way back to their home town. The zombies typically were depicted to have white hair, greenish skin, and as they are stiff corpses, the only way to move was to hop! 🧟‍♀️ Just like the silver bullet is to the werewolf, some items you can use against the hopping zombie is fire (like the children's lanterns in this illustration), mirrors (apparently the zombies are terrified of their own reflections), holding your breath (🤷‍♀️), and glutinous rice (🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️).
IG @rita_duhovny
Artist comment: #folktaleweek2019 a firebird feather warms up a lonely babushka ---- Do you know that a group of people in one Russian city live in the cold apartments because their taxes were stolen? The local authorities didn't help and told them in a rude form that they are not afraid of them, they could even write a letter to the Pope (meaning: nobody cares). The people wrote a letter to the Pope indeed (in Rome!) asking to step in and help them. Funny thing, he answered. I wonder if they got their heat and light at last. - We have plenty of stories and they don't usually end with happily ever after. There must be some truth in any tale. What if they found the feather of the Firebird? (A Slavic version of the phoenix)
IG @_lafolo_
Artist comment: „The fisher and the little fish“:
IG @karinvanzonart
Artist comment: N/A
IG @bonnielecat
Artist comment: Folktale Week PROMPT #5: DARKNESS - I couldn’t make it through the week without Little Red Riding Hood! How long did it take you to see the wolf? Did you notice him right away?🐺
IG @vixivixi
Artist comment: #folktaleweek2019 day 5 - #darkness - I wish this girl knew, the only beast to be afraid of in the woods, are people. I don’t care what crazy Grimms were thinking in 1812!
IG @rachyillustration
Artist comment: Folktale week Day six! #folktaleweek2019 #key :) #rapunzel is locked in her tower! She’s not bothered at this moment in time....she’s into a really great book about a prince who saved a fair maiden who’s locked in a tower! 
Artist comment: N/A
IG @rjordanglum
Artist comment: here are my #thumbnails inverted for #darkness !! I often invert my drawings or print them on colored paper (and sometimes paint on the prints) to give me ideas on which direction to take something. #folktaleweek2019 #billygoatsgruff #threebillygoatsgruff
IG @roxymarj
Artist comment: Day 5 of #folktaleweek2019 - today’s prompt is “Darkness” / Goldilocks was up late trying to make little clothes for her three tiny bears. To Goldilock’s surprise... Cinder, Ember and Smoke had quite the opinions on what they wanted their outfits to look like! Ember wanted a less “cutesy” outfit....”it’s too frilly!” She exclaimed! Cinder wanted a longer sweater, “I refuse to wear pants and I need something to cover my bum!” Cinder proclaimed... and Smoke... he wanted an ensemble that was “Darkness from top to bottom, so I look serious!” He said confidently. “Oh my” thought Goldilocks... “These bears are sooo picky!”  [Ed. note: This illustration is animated with the rain falling in the background - lovely! This is also part of a series in which the artist is retelling her version of Goldilocks, following the prompts for the week. Worth checking out HERE.]
IG @jamienicole
Artist comment: Just in time to squeeze in another little piece for #folktaleweek2019🌛This one is inspired by a Navajo legend on how the stars came to be✨


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