Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Maleficent 2" Is Happening

A Maleficent re-design by Lee Kent
Yup. Not a typo. Disney have confirmed it and Linda Woolverton (who wrote Maleficent and is best known for Beauty & the Beast) is busy writing it. Other crew have already jumped on board too. Not Ms. Jolie though. She seems to be of the opinion they're done with the story, which I'm glad to hear, but they're forging ahead anyway.


Random thought: it would be REALLY INTERESTING if they decided to tackle the other, rarely told half of Sleeping Beauty with the ogre mother-in-law etc, wouldn't it? #notgoingtohappen

If you're truly interested in the Maleficent sequel movie news, you can read a bunch more about it HERE, which has links in the article for you to follow as well.

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